Save the Date: Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin

Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin is organized by an independent initiative Plivka films aiming to promote Ukrainian cinema worldwide.

The goal of the Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin, however, is above all to present the current film landscape in Ukraine, and to explore it together with the audience.

The organizers would like to show high-quality Ukrainian cinema products in cooperation with cinemas and various institutions, with experts and other guests, and make them available for discussion. They strive to familiarize the audience with a multitude of genres and artistic approaches of Ukrainian filmmakers, to talk about the role and perception of Ukrainian cinema in the German and global context. To carry out exciting projects that will be attractive not only for those interested in Ukraine and Eastern Europe but also for other viewers who are interested in artistic processes and products. 

Tickets for the opening and closing of the festival are on sale now!

07 October

This rain will never stop by Alina Gorlova

This rain will never stop by Alina Gorlova
Documentary | 2020 | 103′
Ukraine | Germany | Latvia | Qatar

Filmed in striking black-and-white, This Rain Will Never Stop observes the endless cycle of war and peace, in which we meet 20 year-old Andriy Suleyman. Fleeing the Syrian civil war, Andriy and his Kurdish family start a new life in a small town in eastern Ukraine, only to be caught up in another military conflict. Following Andriy back to his homeland, This Rain Will Never Stop takes the viewer on a journey from Ukraine to Iraq, Syria and Germany, featuring war zones, military parades, humanitarian missions, refugee camps, cultural, religious and funeral customs.

Bad Roads by Natalia Vorozhbyt

UKRAINE | 2020 | Feature Film | 105′

As far as possible by Ganna Iaroshevych

UKRAINE | 2021 | Documentary | 71′

Homeward (Evge) by Nariman Aliev

UKRAINE | 2019 | Feature Film | 96′

8 October

Stop Zemlia by Kateryna Gornostai

“Stop Zemlia” by Kateryna Gornostai 
Feature film | 2021 | 122‘ | Ukraine

16-year-old Masha experiences her pre graduate year at a Kyiv school with her friends Yana and Senya. After she falls in love with her classmate Sasha it forces introverted and sensitive Masha to leave her comfort zone. An authentic and sensitive coming of age about Ukrainian youth.

Berlin International Film Festival (Crystal Bear Generation 14plus 2021), Fünf Seen Film Festival (Best film award 2021), Odessa International Film Festival (Best Feature Film 2021).

10 October

Blindfold by Taras Dron. Festival Closing

Blindfold by Taras Dron
Feature Film | Ukraine | 2020 | 100′

Yuliya is a 25-year-old MMA fighter, who lost her boyfriend in the war in eastern Ukraine two years ago. Denys’s body has never been found and his mother still believes that he’s alive. Yuliya, however, is fed up with the role of a war hero’s widow, which is imposed on her by the environment. She starts a new relationship with an attractive lawyer and is thinking of quitting MMA for good.

Warsaw Film Festival (Best film Competition 1-2 2020), Odesa International Film Festival (FIPRESCI Award 2021)


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With Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin the organizers want to create a platform for the discussion of current issues for Ukraine in a European context. They want to hold our film screenings in professionally suitable rooms, give our viewers time, space, and topics for discussions and create an atmosphere of mutual dialogue.