Summer Film Club by Docudays UA presents “Granny Project”

Watch “Granny Project” a feature documentary film by Hungarian director Balint Revesz about intergenerational dialogue in Great Britain, Germany and Hungary at the Summer Film Club at the DOCUSPACE online cinema.

Viewing days: till 16 August. In English, German and Hungarian with Ukrainian subtitles and dubbing

Until the end of the summer, DOCU/CLUB will delight you with the new film collection. You can watch the new films as part of the Summer Film Club at the DOCUSPACE online cinema.

Granny Project

Director: Bálint Révész

Hungary, UK |2017 |89’

How does memory work? How can experiences be handed down from generation to generation? How does the act of narration change the experience?

Three young men and their grannies go on a quest for their historic and personal legacy. There’s the British spy with a bone-dry sense of humour, the Hungarian communist who survived the Holocaust and the German dancer whose look back turns out to be the most difficult.

Unlike many recent documentaries which focused on conversation and raised their protagonists on a pedestal of awe, the “Granny Project” takes a different approach: playful, not afraid of confrontations, sometimes silly and seconds later honest and emotional. An unconventional attempt of the grandchildren’s generation to ask, on a different level, questions that drove their parents to the streets in the 1960s.

This film neither aims to be antagonistic nor accusatory. Instead it’s a perhaps naive but no less necessary attempt to understand the other. When the three grannies sit around a table with their grandsons and various interpreters we realise that two things at least are necessary to really bring the past and present in contact with each other: an honest interest in one’s opposite party and a good translation.

In English, German and Hungarian with Ukrainian subtitles and dubbing


Bálint Révész first started working in the film industry as a child actor, from there he moved to the other side of the camera. He graduated from the University of Brighton in 2012 with awards from South-Korea and Japan. . His first feature documentary as director, Granny Project which was 7 years in the making, received the MDR prize at Dok Leipzig, Next Generation Award at Taiwan IDFF, received a Doc Alliance nomination and was featured at Hot Docs, CPH:Dox, amongst other major festivals. He’s the founder of the London based Gallivant Film collective and the producer behind Another News Story, about journalists documenting the refugee crisis, across seven countries, in competition at the KVIFF, ZFF among others and presented at IDFA in 2017.