Tens of thousands of birds gathered on estuaries in the Odessa region

Last weeks, over the Tuzla estuaries in the National Natural Park in the Odessa region, the spring migration of birds has been taking place.

This was announced by the Head of research department and Deputy Director of the National Park “Tuzlovskie Lymany” (Tuzlov Estuary), the biologist Ivan Rusev. According to him, more than 30 thousand birds of various species have gathered at the estuaries at the same time.

These are gray herons at high altitude, these are different species of waders – turukhtan, herbalist and great snail; seagulls, shiloklyuvki, coots, gulls and others. These are different types of passerines – robin, white wagtail, black redstart and others. But most of all now are ducks and wild geese of various species.

Ivan Rusev

According to the naturalist, many birds use the Tuzla estuaries as a “transit station”, but there are species that have wintered here, which are now flying away, and those that will remain here until autumn.

“These are white-fronted geese, red-breasted geese, whooper swans, and small swans that spent the winter with us. And the most colorful – the pelicans – have already arrived and you can watch them from morning to evening.

Ivan Rusev

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net