The Italian senator is for the decision regarding Ukraine to be approved by the international community

Italian senator of the Lega Nord party, Massimiliano Romeo, believes that Ukrainians should not make all decisions about their future on their own. Instead, the international community should play a certain role in this, considering the country’s interests. Euractiv reports about this.

The comment was made in response to the statement of the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, who unequivocally supported Ukraine and NATO partners in resisting Russian aggression but noted that it is the Ukrainians who should decide how to wage war.

“It’s a bit harsh to hear from you that, ‘Ukrainians will decide.’ Of course, we must respect the will of Ukrainians, but it would be better to say that the international community will decide in the interests of Ukraine,” the senator said.

It should be noted that Massimiliano Romeo submitted a request to the parliament to recognise Crimea as Russian.

Romeo noted that his Lega Nord party supports Ukraine and the West, but asked the prime minister to show “an act of courage.”

In particular, he asked Giorgia Meloni to hold an international conference on defense and security issues in Europe, so that Italy would be able to “condition the international geopolitical scenario” and not indulge in unconditional support for Ukraine.

“Along with France and Germany, we are one of the founding countries, as well as those who risk the most in the conditions of continuous conflict,” Romeo explained.

The conference, according to the senator, can be an opportunity to start peace talks, “because now even the United States realizes that this can be the way to go.”

The confrontation over Ukraine and Russia within the right-wing coalition (Fratelli d’Italia, Lega Nord and Forza Italia) was evident in the run-up to and during the election, but it was believed that tensions would subside after the formation of a coalition government.

However, the publication notes, it is expected that Romeo’s new statement will cause Meloni even more of a headache.

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