The Lebanese buyer refused to accept Ukrainian corn

The Lebanese buyer refused to accept Ukrainian grain on the ship Razoni to the port of Tripoli, the Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon reported.

The buyer argued the refusal by delaying the cargo for more than five months.

According to the information provided by the shipper of the Ukrainian grain aboard the Razoni, the buyer in Lebanon refused to accept the cargo due to delays in delivery terms (more than 5 months). So the shipper is now looking for another consignee to offload his cargo either in Lebanon/Tripoli or any other country/port.

Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon

Now the supplier is looking for a new buyer in Lebanon or any other country, and the ship itself has stopped off the southern coast of Turkey.

Razoni is the first dry cargo ship with Ukrainian grain that left the port of Odessa as part of an export agreement. There are 26 thousand tons of corn on board.

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