The occupiers have either destroyed or damaged 94 sports facilities. About $130 million in damage was inflicted

russia has already destroyed and/or damaged 94 sports facilities, causing about $130 million in damage. This was announced on Facebook by the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Vadym Huttsait.

“russian troops continue to systematically destroy sports infrastructure. It seems that they cannot forgive us not only the asphalt in the villages, but also modern sports complexes in Volnovakha, Lyman, in Kharkiv region,” the Minister wrote.

The occupiers “liberated” Ukrainians from 63 sports complexes, 9 swimming pools, 3 ice arenas, 17 stadiums, and a bicycle complex in Lyman.

The “Sonyachny” Stadium in Kharkiv was damaged by shelling by Russian occupation forces. 
Photo: twitter.com/ZoryaLondonsk

“Most objects (30) were destroyed in the Donbas, which President Volodymyr Zelensky identified as a priority for the development of mass sports and high-achievement sports,” wrote the Minister in a statement.

In particular, among the destroyed facilities are the stadium in Volnovakha, the Metalist stadium in the Kharkiv region, a unique cycle track in Lyman, the ice palace in Severodonetsk, which was one of the largest in Ukraine. The target for enemy shells was the Neptune swimming pool in Mariupol, the Luhansk regional sports center Olymp in Kreminna, the Avangard sports complex in Kyiv, the Olympic training and sports center in Chernihiv, and dozens of other facilities.

The Ice Palace in Severodonetsk was bombed.
Photo: Telegram / Sergey Gaidai

As part of the initiative of the President of Ukraine UNITED 24, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is opening a special account with the NBU to collect charitable contributions. According to Vadym Huttsait, it will operate in several days. All funds will be directed to the restoration of sports facilities, institutions, organizations in the field of physical culture and sports and the development of sports infrastructure.

“We believe in victory and support the Armed Forces. We will definitely rebuild everything, make it even better than it was. Because we are Ukrainians, we are on our land, we create, but not destroy,” the Minister stressed.

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