The pianist Botvinov represented Odessa at the Geographical Center of Ukraine’s opening

The renowned Odessa pianist Aleksey Botvinov was chosen to represent Odessa and the South of Ukraine during the grand opening of the art complex “Geographical Center – Heart of Ukraine” together with other famous Ukrainian artists: Yuri Gorbunov, Ruslana, Lilia Podkopaeva, Ostap Stupka, Elena Kravets, Vlad Ryashin.

Each of them read a short poem and then showed dancing in different cities of the country with yellow and blue elements. In Odessa, they danced with umbrellas on Primorsky Boulevard.

On the 30th anniversary of the restoration of our independence, we will raise the largest flag of Cherkasy region right here: in the geographical center of Ukraine. It is here that the heart of Ukraine beats. This is an art object, around which there are 25 steel wings that represent our 24 regions and our Crimea. It is truly a symbol of the fact that it is much easier to go up and to be on top together. And today thousands of our state flags will be raised into the sky at the same time. In all regions, in all cities, throughout Ukraine and beyond.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

The National Anthem of Ukraine was played by the orchestra, and the ceremony of raising the National Flag on a 52-meter flagpole took place. This is the largest national flag in Cherkassy region.

Source and pictures: CULTUREMETER