The Polish painter’s masterpiece returns to the Odessa Fine Arts Museum

The restoration of a large canvas by the artist Ludwik Wiesiołowski “Christ and the Sinner” was completed in the Odessa Fine Arts Museum. The restoration lasted three years.

Ludwik Wiesiołowski was a Polish academic painter born in the Posen region (now Poznan) . He received his primary art education at the Warsaw drawing class. In 1874-1879, he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. During his studies he received four silver and two gold medals (1878, 1879).

In 1879, for the painting “Christ and the Sinner”, 200×188 cm, he received a large gold medal and the title of class artist of the 1st degree.

Mostly known as an author of religious, historical and genre paintings with scenes from rural life, orientalist artist, landscape painter. Wiesiołowski’s works are kept in the Museum of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, the Odessa Fine Arts Museum, museums in Poland and Germany.

The restoration is complete. Wiesiołowski’s painting will take place in the permanent exhibition of the museum.

Alexander Roytburd, Director of Odessa Fine Arts Museum

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