The SSU detained an FSB agent in Odessa who was filming the positions of the Defense Forces on a hidden video recorder

The security service exposed another enemy henchman who was gathering information for the enemy about the location of units of the Defense Forces in the southern direction.

As a result of a multi-stage special operation, an agent of the Russian special services was detained in Odessa.

He covertly collected information about the locations of troops in the region. First of all, he was interested in intelligence on the number of personnel and military equipment and up-to-date information on the defense capability and combat readiness of military facilities.

According to the investigation, the traitor turned out to be a local resident – an active supporter of “Russian peace”, but he was not guided only by ideological motives. In particular, the traitor hoped to get a “position” in the occupation administration in case the occupiers captured the region.

The detainee went to different districts of Odessa and the suburbs and visually inspected the area. He used a video recorder hidden in the cabin of his own car to record military objects. He saved the collected information on a memory card, which he planned to hand over to the enemy.

However, SSU employees promptly exposed the traitor’s criminal intentions and detained him for attempting to pass intelligence to the enemy.

During the search, a hidden video recorder and data carriers with evidence of illegal activity were found in his possession.

SSU investigators informed the detainee of the suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Currently, he has been remanded in custody.

Investigations were carried out by the SSU of Odessa Region under the procedural guidance of the Odessa region Prosecutor’s Office.

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