The SSU neutralized an enemy group, which was preparing the assassination of the commanders of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Army

The counter-intelligence of the Security Service neutralized the sabotage and intelligence group of the FSB as a result of a multi-stage special operation in Kyiv and the Sumy region.

It was established that they scouted the points of deployment and movement of Ukrainian troops on the capital’s territory and in the border areas of the northeast of our country.

One of the main tasks of enemy saboteurs was the collection of personal data and the whereabouts of commanders of combat units of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The aggressor planned to use the received information to prepare for the physical liquidation of the Ukrainian defenders and the destruction of their weapons and military equipment.

According to the investigation, the group was formed by a staff member of the FSB to carry out intelligence and subversive activities against Ukraine.

It included a resident of the border region of Sumy region, who was recruited by the Russian special services after the start of the full-scale invasion.

He was in direct contact with his “curator” and coordinated with him the plans and algorithms of actions regarding the execution of enemy tasks. For communication, they used closed channels of electronic communication in compliance with conspiracy measures.

On the instructions of the FSB, the agent involved another local resident in the subversive activity. He came to the attention of the occupiers because of his pro-Kremlin views and provocative statements among those around him.

In order to gather intelligence, they used their connections in the region “in the dark”, as well as traveled around the border area and observed units of the Defense Forces.

In addition, one of them went to Kyiv, where he tried to covertly take photos and videos of the locations of Ukrainian defenders and transmit the corresponding coordinates to the Russian Federation.

However, SSU officers promptly exposed the perpetrators, documented their criminal actions, and detained the saboteurs while taking weapons from a pre-arranged cache in the Sumy region.

During the inspection of the hiding place, law enforcement officers found:

  • 2 TM-62M anti-tank mines with detonators,
  • 2 RGO combat grenades with fuses,
  • a Kalashnikov assault rifle with an equipped magazine.

It was this weapon that the enemy іabotage and reconnaissance group planned to use to commit sabotage on the territory of the region.

Computer equipment and mobile phones with evidence of conspiratorial correspondence with the representative of the FSB were also found during searches of the perpetrators’ residences.

The SSU of the Sumy region carried out measures to expose and neutralize the Russian agents under the procedural guidance of the regional prosecutor’s office.

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