They wanted to kill Dugin, but they blew up his daughter: details of the murder attempt of a political scientist in Moscow

The media are discussing the cold-blooded murder of the daughter of political scientist Alexander Dugin Daria, whose car was blown up in the suburbs. All experts are sure that he was the target.

In the Moscow region on Saturday evening, August 20, an SUV owned by the daughter of the publicist Alexander Dugin, Daria, who also conducted journalistic and social activities, was exploded. The Baza Telegram channel reports the incident. According to media reports, Daria Dugina was in the car at the time of the explosion and died on the spot. Law enforcement agencies confirmed to TASS the information about the explosion and the death of the female driver, but did not indicate her name. The explosion occurred while the car was moving, near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy.

“Dugin was supposed to drive this car, but got into another one. Deep condolences. Who did they want to kill her or the wrong car? What was mined? She was returning from the festival “Traditsiya”, – wrote the musician Peter Lundstrem.

The explosion occurred near the Mozhaisk highway at about 22:00. Eyewitnesses say it was so strong that the windows of cars passing by flew out. Emergency services arrived at the scene of the tragedy and extinguished the car, but it is impossible to identify the body now. Additional expertise will be needed.

The explosion of a gas cylinder was initially considered as the cause of the incident, but then an attempted murder using an improvised explosive device became the priority version, Telegram channel 112 notes.

Daria was returning from the “Traditsiya” festival held at the Zakharovo estate, at which her father gave a lecture, an acquaintance of the family, Peter Lundstrem. According to him, it was originally planned that Alexander Dugin would go in the same car with his daughter, but “at the last moment,” he decided to leave the estate in another car after his daughter. Dugin was at the scene a few minutes after the explosion, and eyewitnesses pointed out.

Alexander Dugin is primarily known as a publicist of predominantly “right” views, as well as one of the most famous disseminators of the ideologies of the “Russian world” and neo-Eurasianism – concepts according to which Russia should take a dominant position concerning its neighbors and expand its spheres of direct influence on the territory of the continent up to the Balkans and the Middle East.

In 2014, Dugin was fired from Moscow State University, where he was the head of the sociology department, after calls to “kill, kill, kill” Ukrainians made in connection with the incident at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. After that, Dugin was included in the EU sanctions list, and in 2015 he was subject to personal sanctions by the United States and Canada. After Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the German intelligence services reported that they had recorded contacts between Dugin and right-wing extremists in Europe and that the nationalist views he propagated “laid the foundation for an unlawful attack on Ukraine.”

Daria Dugina, who supported her father’s ideology in her journalistic activities, was also included in the US and UK sanctions lists after the Russian war against Ukraine outbreak.

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