Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company will equip tugs with engines “made in Belgium”

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The Anglo-Belgian Corporation (ABC) will take part in the modernization of the pusher tugs of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP). The parties signed a memorandum in mid-April.

According to the press service of UDP, 33 tugboats of UDP will be equipped with hybrid engines produced by ABC, which run both on traditional diesel fuel and on other types of fuel (methanol, hydrogen). These engines comply with EURO STAGE V standards, which set requirements for the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The modernization will take place at the Kiliya Shipbuilding & Repair Yard with the participation of ABC engineering and technical specialists.

Now UDP is looking for optimal sources to finance a business project. One of the options is to attract a targeted loan on the basis of an appropriate international agreement between Ukraine and Belgium. Alternatively, an appeal to the EU or the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with a request for a loan or grant.

The total project budget is estimated at € 90 million.

Cooperation between ABC and UDP is mutually beneficial for both parties. In particular, the UDP will be able to extend the service life of the outdated base fleet and, at the same time, expand its activities in certain upper sections of the Danube and in the future, possibly on the Rhine. In addition, UDP will have the opportunity to enter new markets for the transportation of goods (for example, containers, large-sized equipment, “green hydrogen”), and ABC will be able to integrate its modern technologies into the business processes of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (shipbuilding and ship repair).

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, press service

The Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) is a Belgian manufacturer of medium speed diesel engines primarily for ships and locomotives. Founded in 1912, since then it has functioned under its original name, although investments from Great Britain did not come due to the outbreak of the First World War two years later.

Currently, ABC engines are installed on Ukrainian diesel locomotives instead of Russian ones.

Source: Dumskaya.net

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