Ukrainian IT army set a record for the number of attacks on Russian online resources

The Ukrainian IT army set a record by attacking over 800 Russian online resources last week.

The press service of the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced this on its Telegram channel.

This week, the IT army managed to set a record for the number of attacked Russian online services! More than 800 Russian online resources were attacked from 23 to 29 May.

So, due to cyber attacks, clients of many Russian banks could not use online banking and carry out financial transactions from a smartphone. In addition, due to attacks on microfinance organisations, Russians could not take out microcredits.

The Ukrainian IT army did not bypass the Russian exchanges, which had to turn off access abroad to withstand the onslaught and continue functioning.

Ukrainian IT specialists also attacked the RuStore app store, the Russian analog of Google Play, which was launched last week.

The IT Army of Ukraine is a community of IT specialists created at the end of February 2022 to neutralize the enemy in information and cyberspace. The IT army includes more than 300 thousand volunteers. The IT army united both Ukrainian and foreign professionals.

In addition, the attacks “put down” online insurance services.

Russian media. Traditionally, it was more difficult for Russians to use Kremlin propaganda on weekends due to cyberattacks on the websites of regional media and TV channels.

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