Ukrainian theatre online: “Bastien and Bastiena”

This cultural association was founded in 2014 by a group of young people, interested in the idea of creating effective mechanisms for the development and popularisation of culture throughout the country, as well as to unite people of different professions into a single team. Hronotop.ua has worked with a large number of recognized figures of current Ukrainian culture, including Taras Shtonda, Vlad Troitsky, Viktoria Ratsyuk, Hristina Shishkarova, Anton Baibakov and Polina Weller. In 2017, Hronotop.ua in collaboration with Wild Theater were finalists in the Ukrainian British Radio competition named “Taking the Stage”.

I realised something wasn’t right. This is a comic sitcom-opera about two bereaved people who can’t understand each other. The cunning and wise know-it-all Kolas takes it upon himself to help them, whose character was inspired by Viennese doctor and hypnotist Anton Mesmer, under whose order the opera was written. Although the original opera was created in the 18th century by twenty-four-year-old Mozart, director Dmytro Todoryuk interpreted the production for a modern audience.

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