Ukrainian theatre online: “Dog’s Heart”

The repertoire of the Odesa Ukrainian Vasylko Theater currently consists of 26 performances, from productions based on Ukrainian classical texts to contemporary drama, which have consistently won top prizes at various international festivals. The performances created by a new wave of talented directors at the Odesa Vasylko Theater – Maxim Golenko, Ivan Urivsky, Igor Ravitsky – have been very successful. In addition to performances, the theater also hosts interviews with celebrities, creative meetings with directors and press conferences with well-known artists.

Regarded by the GRA Festival as “the most beautiful dramatic exhibition”, this show tells the story of Professor Preobrazhensky, who transplants a human brain and limbs into a dog, in his attempt to transform the animal into a human. But the unusual experiment leads to unpredicted consequences. Through Bulgakov’s satirical story, director Maxim Golenko addresses issues concerning Ukrainian mentality and the country’s history. He, “as an experienced researcher, perceives where the true gold deposits are hidden…senses what others have not noticed” (Ukrinform).

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