Ukrainian theatre online: “Moments/Momenti”

The Left Bank Theater officially opened on December 21st, 1990. Today it boasts a repertoire of more than 50 performances, a strong roster of premieres, a vibrant troupe of the country’s greatest actors and great plans for the future. As of July 2019, Stas Zhirkov is the theater’s artistic director, with Tamara Trunova as chief director.

Turn back in time to relive the beginning of the 1970s. The heroes of this performance are caught up in a cycle of stories, as secretaries of state make their own adjustments to their “duties” for the people. One waits for a bonus, one saves for a new mink hat, one for a trip to the seaside.. and so the decades pass. They get promoted, get married, retire and vanish without knowing whether they have lived a good life or have only been part of a collection of arbitrary moments.

“Truly interesting, aesthetic, unpretentious and beautiful” (Ukrinform).

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