Ukrainian Wikipedia has a billion views per year

In 2022, users in Ukrainian Wikipedia made 1 billion 600 thousand page views. This was announced by the co-founder of the public organization “Wikimedia Ukraine” Yuriy Peroganych, in the blog of the authors of Ukrainian Wikipedia.

In 2022, Ukrainian Wikipedia had 1,060 million page views compared to 891 million in 2021 (+19%). The absolute annual growth is 169 million views. For the first time, the annual milestone of one billion views was overcome! In six years, the popularity of Ukrainian Wikipedia has increased by 100%, i.e. doubled!

The number of page views for December is 93.6 million (+5% compared to last December).

According to the results of December, the Ukrainian Wikipedia is in 16th place in the world in terms of visits, as it was last year.

These figures would be even higher, but the relatively small increase in attendance in November and December is due to emergency and fan power outages due to Russian terrorist attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

74 million or 79% of the total number of views were made from the territory of Ukraine, 4 million from Poland, 3 million from Germany, 2 million from the USA, 1 million from the Russian Federation, 1 million from the Czech Republic, 841 thousand from Great Britain, 653 thousand from France, 525 thousand from Italy, 503 thousand from the Netherlands.

All Wikipedias in Ukraine:

  • In December 2022, the cumulative popularity of Wikipedia in all languages ​​in Ukraine amounted to 184 million views. This is 40 million, or 18% less than in December 2021.
  • Russian Wikipedia in Ukraine lost 35 million views in a year (from 121 million to 86 million), its share fell by 7.3% (from 54.0% to 46.7%)
  • Ukrainian Wikipedia in Ukraine lost 3 million views over the year (from 77 million to 74 million), but its share grew by 5.8% (from 34.4% to 40.2%)
  • The English Wikipedia in Ukraine lost 1 million views during the year (from 16 million to 15 million), but its share grew by 1.0% (from 7% to 8%).
  • All other Wikipedias in Ukraine lost 1 million views during the year (from 10 million to 9 million), but their share increased by 0.4% (from 4.5% to 4.9%).

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