“Ukrainians are dying from Iranian weapons”: Israeli President caught Iran in a lie

Isaac Herzog urged “to expose the lies” of the Iranian authorities.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog confirmed that Russia is using Iranian drones against Ukraine. He said that the drones sold by Iran are killing Ukrainians. The Times of Israel reports.

“Innocent civilians in Ukraine are dying and suffering from Iranian weapons,” the Israeli president said during a speech in Washington.

At the same time, he showed a photo of drones, which, according to him, were shot down in Ukraine. The politician pointed out that pictures of the body and motors of downed drones prove that Iran is selling its drones to Russia.

“This is the Shaheed-136 drone that was presented at an auction in Iran in December 2021, look at the tail and wings of the drone, and compare it with what was found in Ukraine. This is exactly the same product, but it is hidden in Cyrillic letters (the photo says Geranium-2), but even the font is exactly the same,” Herzog stressed.

Iran denies providing Russia with weapons for the war in Ukraine. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Hossein Amirabdollahian, stated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has in no way provided weapons to any side of the countries at war.” According to him, Tehran’s policy is to “oppose the arming of any side to end the war.”

According to him, the Israeli authorities have a large amount of evidence and are ready to provide it to “expose the lies” of Iran.

“The world should reveal this truth and ask Iran these questions. Can the international community negotiate with Iran when they are accelerating towards building a nuclear bomb and doing other terrible things at the same time,” the Israeli president summed up.

The Israeli president arrived in Washington on Tuesday for a short visit that will include, among other things, a meeting with US President Joe Biden. During this meeting, the Israeli president is expected to acquaint Biden with evidence of, as he said, “Iran’s involvement in the war against Ukraine.”

Before leaving for the USA, Herzog said that the most urgent topic on the agenda would be “the Iranian threat, which is destabilizing not only the Middle East but the entire world.”

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