Valery Chaly: In the next 10 years, Ukraine needs to find ways to protect itself from Russia

The population of Russia has shown a complete inability to live in peace as good and predictable neighbors.

Diplomat Valery Chaly believes that after the end of the war in Ukraine, it will be necessary to look for ways to protect against Russia.

This will be helped by rockets that will finish off to key points, he said on the air of Espresso.

“In the next 10, 15 or 20 years, we need to look for how to close ourselves off from them. We need to protect ourselves from their threats, and for this, we need medium and short-range missiles that reach their key points, we also need a NATO umbrella. We must it’s no longer what will happen in Russia. Still, how much Ukraine will be able to create security for itself from any destructive Russian scenarios in the future,” Chaly explained.

According to him, Russia and its people have shown their complete inability to live peacefully as good and predictable neighbors.

“It seems to me that this group of people who are now leading the Russian Federation will physically leave the stage. And then there will be the leader of Russia or a group of countries that are formed in these open spaces, then we will see what will happen there. I don’t see anything optimistic; everything will depend on the people there. And we will need to ensure our security, join NATO, and put up wire on the borders to prevent all sorts of illegal crossings,” the diplomat said.

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