Viktor Yagun: “There’s nowhere to retreat, we’re on our own land”

Ukraine is fighting a severe enemy that has accumulated a lot of weapons and human resources.

Major General of the SBU reserve Viktor Yagun emphasized that Ukraine has nowhere to retreat. Yagun told about this to “FreeDom”. According to him, Ukraine “exhausts” the occupiers today because the enemy still has a significant advantage in the number of weapons.

“This is a tactic to exhaust the enemy because we do not have the resources that the enemy can count on. It should be understood that we are dealing with a severe enemy who has accumulated reserves, and who was preparing for war. He has his own motivation. And that’s all it generally gives us the anger the enemy shows towards us,” Yagun said.

He emphasized that the aggressor should not be underestimated. Russia still has a lot of outdated equipment.

“They (the enemies) have huge reserves of weapons and ammunition. And even though all these weapons are already obsolete, there are a lot of them. They also have human resources. They do not announce mobilization and draw up reserves more and more. Despite this, the biggest problem of the Russian Federation is that it is alone. Instead, Ukraine receives strong support from partners.

But they have big problems because they are alone. When you set yourself the goal of defeating someone collectively, it is unlikely to succeed. The only hope is that support will increase and more weapons from our partners. It is clear that we need to strengthen and its reserves and human resources,” said Major General.

According to him, all we need to win is to tighten up and concentrate.

“This is a long road that we have to go. We have no other way but to go forward and win. There is nowhere to retreat. We are on our own land,” Yagun emphasized.

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