Vitaliy Kim will pay $100 for traitors and spotters

The head of the Mykolaiv OMA, Vitaliy Kim, will pay $100 each to those Ukrainians who will report spotters of Russian missile strikes.

The Russians pay their informants 1000-1500 UAH. These collaborators are subsequently detained.

This was announced on July 18 by the head of the Mykolaiv OMA Vitaly Kim in social networks.

“The Russians pay through telegram channels, they promise anonymity to our citizens who agree to be spotters of missile strikes for the Russians. They pay – 1000-1500 UAH. We are detaining the spotters. But this is the time that you need help. I will pay $ 100 to everyone who will report spotters or traitors. We will still work out the mechanisms, but you can already look at the scoundrels who help the Russians. This applies to the Mykolaiv region,” Kim said.

Vitaliy Kim

Recall that the Russians are shooting at Mykolaiv from the S-300 air defense system to get maximum destruction.

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