“Wagnerite” confessed how he blew up a pit with 60 prisoners and deserters

Prisoner “Wagnerite” Aleksey Savichev admitted that he personally blew up the pits with Russian deserters and Ukrainian prisoners. According to him, no one screamed, but living people were in the pit.

During a conversation with Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of the gulagu.net project, “Wagnerite” Savichev admitted that he killed 60 people sitting in a pit along with the corpses of those who died earlier. Both captured Ukrainian soldiers and invaders refused to fight – the so-called “500s”. The militant threw about 30 grenades into the pit.

“There were definitely 60 people in the pit. There were no screams; they just breathed. I was ordered to come, blow it up, and set it on fire. I won’t look at how many people were breathing there, how many were alive. I just saw my people there, reported to the commander, he told me that they were no longer ours. I just followed the order. it was January 19-20, because on January 23 I was already wounded,” Savichev said.

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