French Navy frigate moored in Odessa Sea Port

A ship of the French Navy has arrived in Odessa. The multi-mission frigate (FREMM) is capable of destroying enemy surface ships and ground targets.

On December 24, French Navy’s frigate Auvergne moored to one of the berths of the Odessa cruise terminal. This type of ship is designed for antiship defense, destruction of surface ships and strikes on enemy ground targets.

The operational stopover in the port of Odessa is the first visit of the Auvergne to the sea waters of Ukraine since the admission of the frigate to the French Navy in 2018.

On this occasion, French Ambassador to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins travelled to Odessa to welcome the commander and crew of frigate Auvergne.

This frigate entered the Black Sea on December 13 and will patrol there for three weeks. The regular deployment of French Navy vessels in the Black Sea is intended to ensure France’s autonomous capacity to assess the situation in this strategic area for Europe, to mark France’s commitment to freedom of maritime and air traffic, as well as to maintain interoperability with the allied navies present in the area.

In total, the French Navy has recorded more than 30 calls in the Black Sea since 2014.