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Main Business — A new Impact Hub 2.0 for Odessa


A new Impact Hub 2.0 for Odessa

08 Jul, 2020
A new Impact Hub 2.0 for Odessa

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Impact Hub Odessa, the popular co-working center located in Odessa, is going to face a substantial reorganization, according to its main supporter Yegor Grebennikov.

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This change was announced by the main sponsor of the project, Yegor Grebennikov, the co-owner of TIS Group. Many events had to be cancelled, because of the lockdown of the Covid-19 emergency, and the number of visitors and workers significantly decreased. Moreover, it is likely that the attendance at crowded events with a high seating density will be extremely low, untill new year.

Therefore, there will be changes in the system of work and in the business model. For instance, from July 1, the Hub started only coworking, reducing the density of seating, increasing the price and removing a number of free buns.

For about 5 years after the opening in 2012, the Hub was an accelerator of changes in our society ahead of its time. In many respects, this is the merit of our large team, which, only under optimal conditions, can be partially preserved. Around us was created a multi-thousand community of agents of change. The coronavirus crisis made us actively seek new meanings and fresh forms of interaction with Ukrainian society and social innovators. Be calm, the situation is under control, we plan to pay more attention to the environment and next year you will see Impact Hub Odessa 2.0.

Yegor Grebennikov, main sponsor of Impact Hub Odessa
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In order to continue the social activity, Impact Hub will actively experiment new innovatons in the organizational and financial model of the Hub. There is a plan of reengineering all processes to become a less resource-intensive organisation. The target is to keep the projects with the highest social impact.

As far as the Green Theater is concerned, the other important cultural project in Odessa supported by Grebennikov, everything is unchanged: the lease agreement will be extended.

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Thanks to emergency measures and additional personal injections, I managed to extend the Green Theater lease agreement for several more years and now we can confidently make the theater even better! Last week we successfully held the Idea Festival online, we plan to hold the fifth “Ideas Fest 2021” (organised by Aspen Institute Kyiv) in the Green Theater live.

Yegor Grebennikov, main supporter of Green Theater in Odessa
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The Odessa Journal

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