Pheasants photographed in a park of Odessa region

In the national natural park “Tuzlov Estuaries” is time of mating season of pheasants. The Ukrainian naturalist Ivan Rusev photographed some of these bright birds.

After winter at the beginning of spring, the large flock in which the birds live breaks up into family communes, and then in pairs. Males patrol their territory in an area of ​​tens of hectares with frantic screams, calling for a female.

Females gagging occurs with an elongated neck, loosened tail. The male leaps in a different sound range.

The parental feelings of the male end exactly at the moment when the clutch is laid. Then the female incubates eggs alone for 28 days.

Ivan Rusev

According to his calculations, now in the national park, only on the Kordon “Tuzlov Amazonia”, there are about fifty pheasants.

Photo: Ivan Rusev. Facebook

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