Protesters in Georgia storm the parliament building

The second day of the protest against the “Russian law” in Georgia, like the first, is accompanied by clashes between the security forces and the protesters, News Georgia and Paper Kartuli write.

The participants demanded that the authorities refuse to pass the law and release all detained demonstrators. Having received no reaction, the protesters, at the call of the leader of the opposition Strategy Agmashenebeli party, Giorgi Vashadze, decided to line up around the parliament – at the back entrance and side entrances.

The opposition politician suggested “peacefully picketing” the parliament, where deputies will gather tomorrow. The protesters began to loosen the fences from the side entrances, knock on the fences, light fires and smoke bombs.


Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia dispersed the rally participants in front of the parliament building, on Rustaveli Avenue.

The square in front of the legislature is now completely cleared of demonstrators opposing the bill “On the transparency of foreign influence.”

According to media reports, the police pushed the protesters away from all entrances to the parliament building.

Water cannons, tear gas and other special equipment were used against the protesters.

Earlier, protesters smashed windows in the building of the Georgian Parliament. The demonstrators threw stones and objects at the windows of the legislature.

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