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10 Ukrainian photo books of 2021

08 Jan, 2022
10 Ukrainian photo books of 2021

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In 2021, last year's trend towards publishing photobooks continued in the Ukrainian photographic environment announced by Untitled

UPHA Made in Ukraine

The first anthology of modern Ukrainian photography, "UPHA Made in Ukraine," presents 82 photo projects of 57 members of the association "Ukrainian Photographic Alternative". The publication contains materials describing the history of the group, interviews with the founder and coordinators of the Ukrainian Photographic Alternative, as well as biographies of artists aimed at acquainting readers with the work and creative method of the projects presented in the anthology. Published by BOOKSHA.


Igor Chekachkov

The first photobook by Ukrainian photographer Igor Chekachkov. His photo project and the eponymous photo book NA4JOPM8 are a series of images that came to light due to an error, accident, and computer failure. The photographer had nothing to do. The photobook continues the mistake of the hard drive: different photos are intertwined due to different page sizes. Published by Ist Publishing.

Gray Contour

Valery Veduta

The photobook "Gray Contour" by Ukrainian photographer Valery Veduta is a series of landscapes that were shot in 2017 - 2019 on film for radiography on Arabatskaya Strelka, Ukraine. Published by RedZet.

Sucric (Circus)

Tatiana Krasna, Alexander Sinelnikov and Danilo Proskurin

The photo book "Sucric" by Ukrainian documentary photographers Tetyana Krasna, Oleksandr Sinelnikov, and Danylo Proskurin is a photo story of the same name about the moving circus and the life of circus artists, which was shot in 2015-2017. Published by RedZet.

Two rooms

Taras Bichko

The photo book "Two Rooms" by Ukrainian documentary photographer Taras Bychko is a photo story of his two sons' childhood, growing up, and fantasies. This is a photo diary of the photographer's family, limited by living space. Self-produced.


Alexander Chekmenyov

In December 2021, the Italian publishing house 89books published a photo book "Pharmakon" by Ukrainian classic Alexander Chekmenyov with photos from his photo series "Ambulance" shot in the 90s when he lived in Luhansk and as a photographer traveled to the ambulance car.

247 polaroids shot in China

Sergey Melnichenko

The photo book "247 Polaroids shot in China" is a story of thirty months of life in photos and images of Ukrainian photographer Serhiy Melnychenko, who in 2015 lived and worked as a dancer in China. Lendroit editions publishing house.

The Rite / My sexy Chernihiv

Bogdan Hooliyaiy

In 2021, the Italian publishing house 89books published a photo book, including the photo series "My Sexy Chernihiv" and "The Rite" by Ukrainian photographer Bohdan Hooliyaiy.


Anton Shebetko

Photobook "Boys!" Ukrainian photographer Anton Shebetko consists of photographs found in communities dedicated to the neo-Nazi Tesak. For the past 15 years, he has been extremely well known in the countries of the former Soviet Union, not only for his Nazi views but also for his populist war against the queer community. Samvidav.Self-produced.


History of modern Ukraine in the photos of the best documentarians

The photo book "Independents. The history of modern Ukraine in the photos of the best documentarians" is more than 140 unique documentary photographs from more than 60 Ukrainian photographers. The photo book covers thirty years of modern Ukrainian history, arranged in chronological order from the proclamation of Ukraine's independence to the present. Your Autograph Publishing House.

This list is subjective and by no means a rating. Photobooks are listed in random order. Unfortunately, the list does not include all photobooks published in Ukraine this year. Congratulations to the authors on the release of excellent photobooks!

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