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General climate conditions in Ukraine

25 Jun, 2021
General climate conditions in Ukraine

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The most widespread question among people who have never been to UA - Is Ukraine hot or cold? Ukrainian territory is located in the moderately continental area of temperate climatic zone. Significant changes in the height of the Sun above horizon, day duration, atmospheric circulation, as well as nature of the underlying surface in different nights of the year in the temperate zone determine the regular drawing of seasonal types of clime.

Is Ukraine very cold?

Ukrainian climate, as well as any other side of the land, is influenced by the following factors:

  • latitude,
  • absolute height,
  • relief,
  • distance from the seas and oceans,
  • presence near ocean currents,
  • placement on the mainland (size and part of the mainland),
  • the nature of the underlying surface (color, vegetation, microforms of the terrain).

Autumn was comparatively thermal and thermal, with clear sunny days and cool nights, often with frosts. Clime with prolonged droughts and low air temperatures occurs in late fall (autumn-leave). It is most pronounced in western and eastern parts of the country.

Now we will discover - is Ukraine cold in the winter? Winter in UA is characterized by frosty climate with falling snow and establishment of snow cover. It lasts for 4-3 months and begins in late October-early March, when thick snow cover develops. Snow falls several times during winter. Winter comes to UA from western country part and reaches Crimean peninsula at the earliest. It is characterized by significant fluidity of weather processes: strong cool weather is often changed by sharp warming with long spells; periods of cool and warm clime with precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain are replaced by snowless weather. WEEKLY weather (8-10 days during the winter) covers most of territory, sometimes the whole country, which is caused by transfer of warm air masses from Atlantic.

Ukrainian spring and summer

Ukrainian spring is most early in eastern country side and widely spreads to eastern country part. There will be frosts, caused by invasion of cold arctic air from the mid-winter. Spring ends with blossoming of acacia trees. When average temperature rises above +15°C, it is summer.

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Summer is warm and warm in the east. Maximum air temperatures are seen in August. Clime in month is often cloudless and dry. Thunderstorms and torrential rain occur throughout UA in summer. Approximately 40 percent of annual precipitation falls in summer. Summer is dry only in eastern regions.

Atlantic-continental and continental areas of Ukrainian clime are defined by Atlantic-continental and continental plains, and Carpathians - Carpathian and Transcarpathian plains.

So, what about freezing weather in Ukraine, conclusion is that Ukrainian climate is favorable for people's life and activity. Climatic conditions are taken into account when selecting places for the construction of housing, farms, transport routes. They depend on work of water transport.

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