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“My day in 80 English words”

03 Jul, 2020
“My day in 80 English words”

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Odessites created books that help children learn English

Odessa publishing house "Three Ants" has released amazing books for kids. With vivid illustrations, tiny windows and English words. These books should help children of all ages to master English words.

The owner of the publishing house is the young mother and business women Ekaterina Savina. As a child, she studied language with a teacher.

I do not remember the process of cramming words or grammar. And in general, I did not have the feeling that I was coming to a lesson. We just talked a lot, discussed, sang, composed poems and stories.

Ekaterina Savina

And at some point she started to speak without any efforts and difficulties. This free approach gave to Ekaterina a love to the English language. And they are still friends with her teacher, even though she is already over 90 years old.

She wanted to create a book that could be a good help for creating the first conversations with the child in English. In which familiar situations will be described to the children, and useful vocabulary is collected. A book that will help your child love the process of learning English.

Actually, therefore, it is not just a dictionary with individual words. This is a dictionary in which schemes of simple sentences are immediately given. And the child does not memorize vocabulary, but immediately learns to express his thought. For example, he will be able to tell what he loves to eat for breakfast, who he wants to become, what he wants as a gift for the New Year, etc.

The first book, “My day in 80 English words”, developed by itself. Ekaterina somehow immediately understood which words from the daily life of a child should get into it.

We liked the book so much that we decided to make a whole series: “My tricks”, “My travels” and “Christmas or whatever is in my bag”.

But to find not too difficult and at the same time necessary words for four books turned out to be more complecated. But it seems to work out. This books are equally liked by children of 9 years, and children of 5 years, and children of 3 years. With them you can learn new words, repeat words, build sentences, write stories, have a conversation, memorize the spelling of words.

Several artists worked on the books and their styles are very different. Two books were created by Olga Oleinik, an artist from Odessa, who has an amazingly delicate sense of color and a realistic manner. And the Argentine illustrator Sebastian Amadeo worked on two other books. His illustrations are funny, foolish and unusual for us.

My day in 80 English words”, “My tricks in 80 English words”, “My vacation in 80 English words”, “Christmas in 80 English words” are books printed on cardboard. They look amazing - shiny, bright, cute. One will cost 230 UAH.
You can order books online - on Instagram or on the Facebook page of the publishing house “Three Ants”.

Three Ants is a children's literature publishing house. Was created in Odessa in 2014 by the group of young authors and illustrators.

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