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Main Business The oldest winery of Ukraine privatised for UAH 235 mln


The oldest winery of Ukraine privatised for UAH 235 mln

The oldest winery of Ukraine privatised for UAH 235 mln

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Odesavynprom winery, put up for sale by the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPF), was bought by Kaplor 7 LLC. The Company, headquartered in Odessa, completed the payment of the amount of UAH 234.9 million, which was the highest price offered for the integral property complex, on September 14.

The winner of the transparent auction owns real estate with an area of ​​over 22 thousand m2, which is located in Odessa on the streets of French Boulevard, Nalivna and Otaman Holovaty. These assets include production buildings, warehouses for wine production, cellars for wine processing and storage - a total of 97 properties: 28 buildings and structures and 69 amphorae for wine processing and storage. Also, the integral property complex "Odesavinprom" includes 209 units of movable property, including machinery, equipment, tools, devices, inventory and vehicles.

According to the ProZorro.Sales platform, 12 companies participated in the auction, at which the starting price was UAH 65.32 million. The main competitors of Kaplor 7 were City Board Service LLC (Odessa, offered UAH 234.2 million), Hola Invest LLC (Odessa, UAH 234.1 million) and Sinai 10 LLC (Kyiv, UAH 234.1 million). The practice of using a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) is quite widespread abroad.

The Head of SPF Dmytro Sennychenko informed that, even in case of refusal to purchase, the auxtion system receives a deposit of 10% of the starting price, and such receipts, for example, only with the sale of distilleries amounted to UAH 30 million. Sennychenko added that the winner of the recent auction for the sale of Electronmash – also a little-known company Lorten Group, which offered UAH 970 million with the starting price of UAH 66.7 million – nevertheless signed the auction protocol, which gives reason to expect payment within up to 60 days.

In March 2021, the SPF extended the lease agreement for the Odesavinprom property for six months with PJSC Odesavynprom before its privatisation. The lease agreement with the tenant was concluded in 1992, after which it was repeatedly renewed. PJSC Odesavynprom is engaged in the production of cognacs, still and sparkling wines under the French Boulevard and Guliev Wines brands, and also provides its facilities for bottling Crimean brands.

Odesavynprom has a strong investment potential. The main activity of the privatisation object is the production and bottling of wine products, in particular champagne of Ukraine, wines of sparkling and low-alcohol carbonated drinks.

State Property Fund of Ukraine, website

With regards to the terms of the auction for the sale of Odesavinprom, the buyer is obliged to keep the production of wines, to provide social guarantees to employees for at least three years. It is obligatory to conclude a protection agreement for the building of Sovkhozvintrest – an architectural monument built in 1895.

Odesavinprom is the oldest winery in Ukraine, which was founded in 1857 by Victor Enno, a professor of medicine, and Francois Nouveau, a French merchant. Then they began to make wine in the catacombs overlooking the sea.

About the buyer

According to the unified public register of legal entities and sole proprietors, Kaplor 7 LLC was registered in January 2017. Its charter capital is UAH 500,000. It is engaged in the production of wines and trade in household goods. The ultimate beneficiary is Natalia Holub (earlier Raisa Kurpedinova).

The Odessa Journal
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