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Main Culture — The Pleasure Principle: Facts and details


The Pleasure Principle: Facts and details

25 Nov, 2020
The Pleasure Principle: Facts and details

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We reveal the details and facts of the series "The Pleasure Principle", filmed in co-production of three countries: Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.

We are impressed by the fact that Star Media is engaged in market development and is trying to establish co-production with different European countries. This is an additional investment in the development of our market, which will help to make content of higher quality.

One of the main character, Sergei Strelnikov, said that he and director Dariusz Jabłonski agreed on the genre of the series - this is a noir detective story. “I often thought about Casablanca,” the actor said when he was asked which foreign film reminds him of "The Pleasure Principle".

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Dariusz Jabłoński

The story of the series begins on the last day of summer on the beach in Odessa, where a human body is found in a boat. On the same day it happens in other countries. Three different police officers of different ages from different cultures will begin their investigation. At first it will be difficult for them to cooperate and they will have many problems.

The founder and general producer of Star Media Vlad Ryashin noted that the series has already been on the air of such TV channels as Canal + in Poland, Channel One in the Czech Republic, and the series is also broadcast on the Rai TV channel in Italy.

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A few facts about the series

Fact 1. The action of the picture takes place in two capitals, Warsaw and Prague, and.. in Odessa. According to the director, he decided to keep Kyiv for the continuation of the series. And Odessa is a very comfortable city with an atmosphere that is perfect for this story.

Fact 2. The main character, Maria, is an investigator who will represent the Polish side in the series. She chooses her own men and drives a car like a crazy. Also she is the mother of three children. Malgorzata Buchkovskaya, who will play her, in life is the complete opposite of her character. To get used to the role, the actress had to take courses in shooting firearms, hand-to-hand combat and extreme driving.

Fact 3. The main characters do not wear a dummy in a holster, but a real military weapon, albeit inoperative.

Fact 4. There are many stunts in the show, and most of them are performed by the actors themselves.

Fact 5. In one of the scenes of the series, a boat with the naked corpse of a girl was found at the Odessa beach. So that the girl who played the victim did not really go numb (and the shooting took place in late autumn), she was warmed by an electric blanket disguised at the bottom of the boat. But the "heroes" who played tourists on the beach had a hard time - a blanket cannot be hidden in swimming trunks.

Fact 6. In one scene, the hero gets hit on the head with a bat. Of course, blood spatters from a blow of such force that it would have been easy to decide if ... the hero was not bald. There was simply nowhere to hide the "blood". But the stunt coordinators easily solved this problem: the ampoule of blood was hidden in the bit itself.

Fact 7. Five languages ​​sounded on the site, and often in one conversation: Czech, English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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