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Main War — Roman Svitan: will Crimea be able to avoid war?


Roman Svitan: will Crimea be able to avoid war?

13 Dec, 2022
Roman Svitan: will Crimea be able to avoid war?

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"Crimea has a bad luck - it would be liberated by military means. There will be battles for Crimea, as Russian troops will carry out the defense task," said military expert and reserve colonel Roman Svitan in a commentary to Glavred.

The Russians think that the peninsula is very easy to defend. But, based on our capabilities, it is much easier to de-occupy it than the same Kherson region. Crimea itself, especially after the destruction of the Crimean bridge, will be in the operational encirclement. And then it's a matter of time until the Russians use all their army reserves in Crimea.

Plus, we still have to deal with the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. His ships will have to enter the bays - there, we will catch and sink them. The passage of the front throughout Crimea will necessarily accompany this kind of movement. Crimea was not lucky in this sense.

All Russians and all those who have received Russian passports will have to leave Crimea. It will be very dangerous for them to be there because the whole of Crimea will be a war zone. There must be an evacuation, and the occupying troops must handle it. Most likely, the Russians will have to put people on ships and take them out of the peninsula.

When passing through the front, it is better for the civilian population not to stay, especially in Crimea, where the specifics of the terrain are rather complicated, and, accordingly, the movement of the front will be specific.

Back in 2014, when Russian troops entered Crimea, it happened according to agreements with the West, with those political circles that still lead Western countries. They, of course, got something for it. That is, Crimea was sold to Russia.

These political and financial circles of Western countries will stop any movement of Ukrainian troops to de-occupy Crimea, coming up with various political, economic, and military mechanisms to keep this deal.

However, this deal will inevitably be destroyed - Ukrainian troops will enter Crimea, and this issue has already been resolved. We will not stop; there will be no political solution to the Crimean issue. And any government that asks for a political solution to the issue of Crimea can put an end to itself. After all, now the situation and this war are controlled not by politicians, but by the army and the people. We have suffered too many losses; we have lost thousands of civilians and soldiers. Therefore, it is no longer for politicians to decide what we will do on our land. Crimea and Donbas will be de-occupied by military means, and there are simply no other options.

Therefore, the agreements reached in 2014 by the political and financial circles of Western countries and the Russian Federation can be put an end to. When there will be a court for Putin to appear (if he lives up to this moment), he will tell about these agreements. Although, perhaps, he will tell earlier. It is this story, this disclosure of agreements, that our Western partners are afraid of.

So what the West is afraid of is not escalation – it is already at its maximum; they are afraid of revealing agreements with the Kremlin. As soon as the Ukrainian troops begin to de-occupy Crimea, Putin will make public all these agreements and show who he negotiated with and for what prices."

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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