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Santim - the taste of real Ukraine

28 Apr, 2021
Santim - the taste of real Ukraine

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If you are interested in the taste of real Ukrainian products or missed favourite European food, it's time to visit the Odessa supermarket chain "Santim".

On the shelves of Santim there are products of the best local producers, along with delicacies from around the world. Most of the products are FRESH products, organic products, farm products, game, exotic products. Everything that will help anyone feel the unique flavours of the hot Southern steppe.

The company cooperates with local producers, who use traditional cultivation methods. On the shelves you will find organic greens grown without fertilizers, grown only by the gentle Ukrainian sun and clear water.

The organicity of the greens is approved by a certificate from an independent laboratory. Homemade chicken, rabbit, turkey, cheese from small workshops located in the south of the region are waiting for you on the shelves of Santim.

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Santim carefully shapes not only the range of the store, but also places high demands on the quality of goods. Before working with the supplier, Santim managers read the manufacturer's history, check the documentation, evaluate the capacity and study the supplier's quality control system, taste the product themselves and evaluate its organoleptic characteristics.

The international security system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) has been implemented at the network's own production. Production is certified in accordance with international food quality and safety standards ISO 22000: 2007. Own production offers more than 100 home cooking dishes, original sweets, original confectionery, handmade candies, fresh pastries, products made by exclusive sous-vide technology. Trying the products of your own production, you will be able to get acquainted with the multinational Odessa cuisine, enjoy dietary dishes or just a delicious snack on the go.

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The pride of Santim is the choice of alcoholic products. A wine cellar with a wine room and an ideal temperature for storing wine, in which professional sommelier will recommend wine from anywhere in the world. Popular and rare spirits, craft offers, tasting club; you can't talk about all of this, you have to taste it. In addition, you can not only buy but also taste drinks with friends in the wine bar with light snacks, from the huge selection offered by the gastronomic department of Santim.

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Shopping in the Santim supermarket is not only comfortable but also interesting. Thematic events are regularly held in the store to get acquainted with the products and novelties. The format of events from Santim: tastings and workshops from professional chefs and sommelier for all who want to learn the intricacies of gastronomy.

Today, the Santim chain is represented by 6 supermarkets located in different parts of the city of Odessa.

  • 2a Makarenko st.
  • 54 Troitskaya st
  • 3 Sabansky lane
  • 26 B. Arnautskaya st.
  • 84a Dobrovolskogo avenue
  • 16a Kamanina st.

Santim Delivery is also available 24 hours a day.

Round the clock, at a time convenient for you, use - Santim Delivery - in the application "Taxi Bond". Order your delicacies, meat and dairy products, alcoholic beverages, gourmet desserts and fresh pastries.

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