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Main War — SBU eliminated four large-scale channels of illegal departure of men abroad


SBU eliminated four large-scale channels of illegal departure of men abroad

13 Aug, 2022
SBU eliminated four large-scale channels of illegal departure of men abroad

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The Security Service of Ukraine blocked a number of large-scale schemes of illegal transportation of persons of military age across the state border during martial law.

Some routes ran in the direction of the aggressor country and the temporarily occupied Crimea.

So in Kyiv:

Cyber specialists of the Ukrainian special service neutralized the activities of a criminal group that organized the so-called "green corridor" for men of military age.

It was established that the group participants were active employees of one of the capital's commissariats, lawyers, and doctors.

For 12,000 US dollars, they produced a complete package of fictitious documents that allowed the evaders to cross the state border of Ukraine without hindrance.

Thanks to the rapid response of the Security Service of Ukraine, the scheme was blocked, and the key organizer was detained during the transfer of money and forged documents.

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In the Kharkiv region:

Criminals who "helped" conscripts to leave Ukraine were exposed. "Businessman" offered routes to the EU to those interested, but through the territory of the Russian Federation.

The "businessmen" acted according to the following plan: one - looked for clients, and the other - transported them to one of the border villages in the Kharkiv region, from where they were supposed to enter the territory of Russia illegally.

The cost of such services was USD 500 per each "fugitive".

However, this scheme never "worked" - SBU employees neutralized it already at the preparatory stage.

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In Zaporizhzhia:

Another channel of illegal transportation of potential conscripts across the border has been eliminated—this time to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The organizer was a resident of Melitopol. He took the evaders to the temporarily occupied city in his own car. Then he transferred the passengers to his accomplices, who carried out further transportation to the annexed Crimea. From there, the "tourists" went either to Russia or to Georgia.

The price ranged from UAH 5,000 to 10,000, depending on the age and number of people.

SBU employees interrupted another trip and detained the carrier along with two passengers.

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In the Chernihiv region:

The security service detained two more criminals involved in the organization of the illegal transfer of men to the Republic of Belarus.

The cost of such an "escape ticket" was 100,000 hryvnias per person.

For this amount, the divisions carried out the transit of conscripts to the territory of another country, bypassing checkpoints.

The law enforcement officers exposed the perpetrators in the area of ​​one of the border settlements. During the search for the location of the intruders, the following was found:

  • an AKM machine gun and a store with cartridges for it;
  • Makarov pistol with cartridges;
  • funds in the amount of 100 thousand hryvnias.

At present, within the framework of criminal proceedings, investigative and operational actions are ongoing to bring to justice all guilty persons, including the organizers and participants of illegal schemes.

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Crime detection was carried out by units of the SBU in the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region, as well as Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Chernihiv regions, together with the State Border Service under the procedural guidance of the prosecutor's office.

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The Odessa Journal

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