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Main War — Statement by Prime Minister Denis Shmygal


Statement by Prime Minister Denis Shmygal

25 Feb, 2022
Statement by Prime Minister Denis Shmygal

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"Ukraine has been at war with Russia for 1.5 days now. For 1.5 days now, the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian soldiers have been fighting the occupier on all fronts. With their heroism, our military has forever engraved the names in the world history of fame and bravery.

On all fronts, the enemy suffers heavy losses and this is only the beginning, if aggressor does not retreat immediately.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians join the ranks of territorial defence.
Our economy is turning to the format of "everything for the front - everything for victory". You, dear citizens, should turn yourself to the same format of work.

Join the ranks of the Armed Forces and the Defence Forces, help the military, help volunteers and medics.
This is our homeland and we must do everything to protect its sovereignty and freedom.

We held an extraordinary meeting of the Government today. We took several decisions necessary to support the army, stable functioning of hospitals and critical infrastructure during military time in connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

First. Due to the martial law, the State Treasury Service, together with the Ministry of Finance, will redistribute funds to finance the strengthening of national security and defence, urgent measures under and payments.

Second. The government has decided to make state domestic borrowings of up to UAH 400 billion through the gradual issuance of military bonds.

Third. In connection with the imposition of martial law, we have approved additional types of financial support for military.

Fourth. The government has decided that the funds received by Ukrainians from the state for vaccination under the President's program "E-support" can be used to help the army. The money can be used to help Ukrainian military to the International Charitable Foundation “Return Alive”. Or by crediting them to a special account of the National Bank, opened to raise funds for the army.

Fifth. Ports of Ukraine are under increased protection. The Cabinet of Ministers has established the level of protection 3 in sea and river ports of Ukraine, port facilities, vessels that have the right to sail under the State Flag of Ukraine for the period of martial law.

Sixth. By the decision of the Government for the period of martial law, the leaders of the territorial defence zone have the right to decide independently what humanitarian aid and how much it is needed. The State Customs Service and border guards must ensure the immediate passage of such assistance to hospitals, hospitals, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence Forces.

Seventh. We are introducing a temporary suspension of blood exports. The Ministry of Health will also approve the scope of mandatory provision of the health care system with donated blood and blood products.

And more. I want to address our international partners.

There are core moments for each nation, which become a part of history textbooks. Moments when you must decide - to swallow the actions of the aggressor or to repel him. And now it is such a moment.

The moment when Europe, America and the whole civilized world must unite and stop the Putin regime and its war against Ukraine. We call on all civilized countries to impose an embargo on oil products from Russia, to ban Russian citizens from entering your territory, to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system.

We call on NATO, Europe, the United States to close the skies over Ukraine. This won’t mean your military confrontation with Russia. This will mean that they will stop the war. And descendants will remember you as heroes.

We, in turn, will continue to defend our own land. We won’t give up and will continue to destroy our enemies. We are holding the line.

Glory to the Ukrainian army!

Glory to the Ukrainian people!Glory to Ukraine!"

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The Odessa Journal

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