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Main Business Top 5 new services in Diia that will make life easier for millions of Ukrainians


Top 5 new services in Diia that will make life easier for millions of Ukrainians

Top 5 new services in Diia that will make life easier for millions of Ukrainians

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In psychology, there is a term "postponed life syndrome". This is when a person thinks he is only preparing for real life, and does not live it. Due to a full-scale war, Ukrainians could delay the digitalization of services. But instead, they continued to create a convenient digital state, communication which is minimal, and the benefits are maximum.

For example, during the last Diia Summit in February, we had 14 million users on the Diia app. At the end of March, their number increased to 16. And now we are confidently approaching 18 million. Therefore, the development and scaling of the product, which is an important part of the foundation of Ukraine's digital infrastructure, is one of the main priorities for the Ministry of Digital Development.

Now the ministry is working on a number of services that they plan to introduce shortly. Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov talks about the top 5 of them.

Electronic residence permit

Also in the beta test is one of the most important documents for foreigners living in Ukraine - a temporary or permanent residence permit. They will be able to verify their identity with a digital document. For example, when working in a bank. Over time, through this document, it will be possible to create Diia.Signature and use the services of Diia.

Diya will display documents as a plastic card with a contactless carrier. Documents of this type began to be issued after April 2018. In order for them to pull up, you must have an identification number (RNOKPP). We are developing this service together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Migration Service.

Automatic registration of LLC

We believe that automated services are the most efficient. They are convenient and can be used anywhere. And the user is only a few clicks away from the result. The most important thing is eliminating the human factor from the service, which saves time and makes corruption impossible.

In October 2020, on the Diya portal, we launched the registration of an LLC with a state registrar. During this time, about 13 thousand Ukrainians used the service. We are currently working on the automatic registration of an LLC and removing the registrar from this process. In July, we conducted a beta test, which was quite successful.

The LLC registration service will be completely automatic and will work almost instantly. 2 seconds, and the enterprise is open. No bureaucratic quests, collecting paperwork, and hours in queues. The service is implemented with the support of the Eastern Europe Foundation's EGAP program funded by the Swiss government.

Documents in English

Our team is actively working on the international integration of Diya. We are moving towards the recognition of digital documents in Europe and around the world. This is a complex process. But we are already making progress in this direction.

Poland recently created a separate digital document in the mObywatel application - Diya pl. This is the official first digital ID that Ukrainians in Poland can get to prove their identity. During the 5 months of the war, more than 80 thousand Ukrainians used this document.

The next stage of Diya's international integration is documents in English. Now we have launched a beta test of the international passport, registration certificate, and driver's license in Diia. Through testing, we will check whether all fields are displayed correctly and whether language switching works perfectly. In just one day, more than 6,000 Ukrainians joined the testing.

Thanks to English-language documents, Ukrainians, more than 5.5 million of whom are forced to stay abroad, can use digital documents outside of Ukraine. By the way, the rights and registration certificate will receive international coding used in the EU, USA and Canada. This is another step towards the recognition of Diya around the world. We are implementing this service together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Migration Service, the main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SE "Infotech".

Electronic pension certificate

The pension certificate is one of the most popular documents. More than 12 million Ukrainians use it. For pensioners, a pension is considered something like a second passport, thanks to which they receive payments and benefits.

There will be no need to carry a physical document with you. He will always be at hand in Diya. Therefore, pension holders will be able to use it to receive public services online, present it at a pharmacy or in public transport.

We are developing this service together with the PFC and the Ministry of Social Policy with the support of the "Dia Support Project", which is being implemented by the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine with the support of Sweden.

It was not easy to launch a pension in Diia, because there were many nuances. For example, for a document to pull up, you need a photo. But not all images were in good condition and one place. Therefore, together with the Pension Fund of Ukraine, we have created a single database where we have collected all the necessary photographs for people to form certificates.

Now we are conducting a beta test of the pension in Diya. We are testing two types of pensions: by age and special, which is issued due to disability, loss of a breadwinner, and the like. Pensions issued after 2014 must be reflected in Diia. Therefore, if you have an old document in the form of a booklet, you need to update it.

Car sharing

Along with the registration for the beta test of English-language documents, we also launched registration for testing car sharing in Diia. This is not a new service in the app. We launched it during the Diia Summit in February. But at the beginning of a full-scale war, the registers with the necessary documents did not work for security reasons—accordingly, car sharing in Diia too.

Now the registries have resumed work. Therefore, we are returning the sharing service, because before that we have already received a lot of feedback on how convenient it is. For example, you take your wife's car. But the registration certificate remained at home. Apply for car sharing in Diya. Your wife does the same - and the registration certificate will appear in your application. We implement this service together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and SE "Infotech".

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