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Main Diplomacy — Ukrainian oysters are a trendy delicacy. Where can you buy them?


Ukrainian oysters are a trendy delicacy. Where can you buy them?

27 Jul, 2021
Ukrainian oysters are a trendy delicacy. Where can you buy them?

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Even 20 years ago, Odessans only heard about oysters, and now they are not only imported from France and the Netherlands, but also grown in the Black Sea. In pursuit of an exquisite delicacy, the editorial staff of The Odessa Journal visited Santim Fish Market, which is famous for the freshest fish and seafood.

Scythian oysters

The culture of consumption of oysters on the territory of modern Ukraine is more than 3.000 years old. The Black Sea has always been famous for its abundance, which was used by the Cimmerians, Scythians and ancient Slavs. And in the 18-19 centuries, oyster was exported to many European countries.

The first Ukrainian oyster was revived in 2014 on the border of the Nikolaev and Odessa regions, directly in the natural national park, which once again confirms the environmental friendliness and safety of the water area. The goal of the Scythia Oyster company is to revive the culture of consumption of oysters on the territory of Ukraine and the entire Black Sea basin, which has been so unfairly forgotten over the past century.

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Particular qualities

Santim Fish Market delivers oysters every day! After all, the main thing in an oyster is freshness. The oysters that can be bought here were still in the sea today. Unlike imported oysters, which are on the road for 3-4 days.

For gourmets, we would like to inform you that the Ukrainian oyster has a unique delicate taste with a sweet nutty and cucumber aftertaste. French Atlantic oysters are just as delicious. But in order to achieve such tenderness, they have to desalinate for some time in the lakes located in the Maren-Oleron region. These lakes contain certain types of algae, a certain salinity, and oysters, being there for some time, get rid of excess salt. The Black Sea has a lower salinity (17-18) compared to the waters of the World Ocean. This means that the oyster goes through refining all its life (about 16 months) and initially has such meat. This is where its delicacy is expressed.

There are no poisonous red algae in the Black Sea basin, for this reason the mollusk cannot feed on them. Then, as, in the Mediterranean Sea, such a problem exists.

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It's easy to buy!

Today, the Santim chain is represented by 6 supermarkets located in different parts of the city of Odessa. Below we will provide you with the list of addresses for your convenience.

Since all oysters are freshly caught, their valves are tightly closed. When buying oysters, we continued to open and pack or not open until the end so that we could open them before the direct serving.

Santim Fish Market wants to defeat the stereotype that oysters are a luxury, so that residents of Odessa and city guests would understand that this is an ordinary product that everyone can afford. You can also order oysters home through the BOND.Eda app at any time of the year.

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Santim Advice

Purchased oysters do not need to be served with sauce - just cut the lemon into several slices, open the shells and chill white wine or dry sparkling wine, which can be purchased here with the oysters. Not every wine is suitable for such delicate seafood: Riesling, Chablis or Grüner Veltliner are always a 100% hit, as they recommend in Santim Wine Cellar.

For a change, sriracha, tabasco, or any other chili-based sauce can be used as a hot sauce. To enjoy the oysters to the fullest, it is worth serving white or black bread croutons with them.


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