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Ukrainian weather

Ukrainian weather

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Ukraine is located in the very center of Europe in mid-latitudes at a sufficient distance from the ocean. This leads to a calm continental climate. The country is characterized by pronounced seasons, each with its own characteristics. The flora and fauna of this territory are rich. And the population of the country with its centuries-old traditions and numerous holidays is very diverse and interesting. The territory of the country has both forests and endless steppe territories. The country is rich in rivers. The fauna of the region is also diverse. In addition to traditional wolves, bears, foxes, you can also meet exotic bison and golden eagle here. The country has a rather cold winter. On some days, the temperature can drop to minus 30 degrees. The amount of precipitation is average. Only in mountainous areas is there a large amount of them. Although in some years there was an excessive amount of snow, which subsequently led to spring floods and floods. What is the coldest month in Ukraine? From January 1 to January 21, the Ukrainian people traditionally celebrate winter saints: on the night of January 1, they celebrate the New Year, January 7, Christmas is celebrated, January 14 - the feast of St. Basil, January 19 - Epiphany. There are many traditions associated with these holidays, Fabruary coldest month in Ukraine. What is the coldest month in Ukraine? Fabrury is considered the coldest month in Ukraine. Territorially, you can also distinguish the characteristic weather features:

  •  Northwest: high humidity and moderately warm zone
  •  Southeast: moderate humidity and elevated temperatures
  •  South: arid hot climate


February, traditionally considered the coldest month, is actually the coldest only in the north, west and east of Ukraine. In the west, it is also a period of heavy snowfalls, the height of the ski season. In winter, the Sea of Azov is covered with ice. In February, in the south, there can be both a cold winter chill with sub-zero temperatures down to -25 ° C, and a thaw up to + 15 ° C. The weather in Ukraine is often and significantly affected by air masses coming from different directions. The steppe, forest-steppe zones, woodland and mountainous part of the landscape have been changing their usual climate in recent years, it seems to "shift" towards the north. In the steppe part, the number of droughts increases (the steppe part turns into dry subtropics), in the very south there is more precipitation (thereby causing the growth of forests, and the climate there is more and more like subtropical).

Black Sea weather (Odessa)

The middle of January brings severe frosts and snow to Odessa. And although the Odessa weather January very far from the climatic cataclysm, the icy sidewalks, sprinkled with fresh snow, for some reason do not please, but rather frighten the inhabitants of Odessa. In this regard, Odesites want to know what surprises the end of January and February can please and whether they should expect a new wave of the snow element. odessajournal 0 After January 20 in Odessa, frosts will gradually begin to recede, and the thermometer will enthusiastically rush to positive marks. For several days in a row, the sun will delight Odessans, but by the end of the month this joy will be overshadowed by fine rain, sometimes with snow. True, the daytime temperature will reach five to six degrees Celsius, and at night it will not drop below three degrees below zero. It will be accompanied by moderate winds, the direction of which will often change. In general, Odessa weather January has not been too cold in recent years, always presumably strong seas wind.

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