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Main Business — Volodymyr Zelensky: Russian aggression can and must fail; our task is to speed it up


Volodymyr Zelensky: Russian aggression can and must fail; our task is to speed it up

19 Dec, 2022
Volodymyr Zelensky: Russian aggression can and must fail; our task is to speed it up

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Address by the President of Ukraine to the participants of the meeting of the leaders of the United Kingdom's Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF)

I am grateful, first of all, for these words of support. They are very important, and they are about the priorities you’ve mentioned.

Dear friends, dear leaders!

First of all, I want to thank you all for supporting Ukraine and our struggle for freedom. When I participated in this format of ours last time, and it was on the twentieth day of a full-scale invasion, I called on you: help Ukraine and through it - help yourself. This is exactly how we have been acting all these months. And I thank you all for that, for your great support!

That is why we see the most important thing - that Russian aggression can and must fail. And our task now is to speed it up. Now - at this summit - I urge you to do everything to speed up the defeat of the occupiers.

I will be very specific today - absolutely practical. Perhaps you expect a more political speech. But it is a different time now.

It is time for specific things.

Ukraine was again attacked by Iranian drones this night. 34 "Shaheds". I say both the number and the name, and quite specifically.

These are "Shaheds" from the new batch that Russia received from Iran. 250 items - that's how many "Shaheds" have now been received by the terrorist state.

Russian missiles and Iranian drones are constantly used to strike primarily at our energy sector - and you know all the details about it.

Only one recent massive attack on Ukraine affected more than 20 million of our people. As a result, cities with millions of inhabitants and most Ukrainian regions were left completely without electricity. In general, on the evening of December 16, 22 million 408 thousand Ukrainians were disconnected from the energy supply. More than 10 million people had their water and heat supplies cut off. Imagine the scale of this terror.

And imagine that it can be stopped.

Dear leaders!

Right now to a large extent it depends on you when and how this war will end. And everything is very specific. The more successful our Defense Forces are, the sooner Russian aggression will fail.

Winter is now a really crucial time.

It is a time when decisions can be made, the results of which in the spring will allow us to outline the restoration of our territorial integrity and guarantee that Russian revanchism will never again cross the border of Ukraine, and therefore - the border of Europe. And I want to address everyone.

Mr. Prime Minister of Britain! Rishi!

When we can fully protect the Ukrainian sky, it will mean the dismantling of the last great Russian opportunity to terrorize Ukraine.

And therefore, it will also be the dismantling of the last great Russian hope that they will allegedly succeed in conquering our state and people.

And I am asking you to increase the possibility of supplying air defense systems to our state and help speed up the relevant decisions of partners.

One hundred percent air shield for Ukraine will be one of the most successful steps against Russian aggression. And this step is needed right now.

Mr. Prime Minister of Norway! Mr. Støre!

I am asking you to continue your policy of defense support for Ukraine in the next year as well - at least at the same level as this year.

And we already see tangible results.

NASAMS which have already been given to us, significantly strengthened our defense. I thank you for this!

I am asking you to increase the supply of such systems and missiles for them.

Mrs. Minister of Defense of the Netherlands! Mrs. Ollongren!

For our defense operations to be more successful, we need modern armored vehicles.

First of all, tanks.

There is no explanation why Ukraine has not yet obtained a decision on the provision of modern and effective tanks - in particular, "Leopards". This is vital! I am asking you and your partners to reach this decision, to help us.

The first to open this defense opportunity for Ukraine - with the supply of tanks - will open it for all other partners of ours. The first step is needed to get others to take their steps as well.

I am asking to continue our cooperation regarding Soviet-type tanks - the necessary shells, as well as Harpoon complexes and other artillery systems.

Mr. Prime Minister of Sweden! Mr. Kristersson!

We have already discussed with you the possibilities of strengthening our artillery.

This is what determines the developments on the battlefield, namely the artillery.

You know how large a stockpile of artillery systems and shells there is in Russia.

And this artillery arrogance of the terrorist state must be shut down. We need to increase our capabilities on the battlefield so that the Russian leadership quicklier understands that this aggression has no chance.

You have good Archer systems - I urge you to make a decision on them.

And also you can strengthen the capabilities in the defense of the sky, and if you can - these are RBS-98 anti-aircraft missile systems and these are Gripen aircraft. We have to achieve such a historically important result for us.

Mr. President of Lithuania! GÑ–tanas, my friend!

I thank you for the fact that Lithuania became one of the first countries to help us.

Even before the start of the full-scale invasion, when we have already been preparing for defense, you helped us.

I thank you for that!

And I am asking you to continue our cooperation next year.

We need both NASAMS, as you know, and "Stingers", which we can get if your decision is made.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Latvia! Mr. Kariņš!

I thank you for your constant and principled support throughout the Russian war. And let's reduce the time of this aggression even more actively!

You can help us with artillery systems - please make such decisions.

Dear Mrs. Prime Minister of Estonia! Mrs. Kallas!

You also have this opportunity - 155-mm artillery shells, spare parts for howitzers. Let's intensify our cooperation.

Dear Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense of Denmark! Mr. Ellemann-Jensen!

You are aware of our need for CAESAR systems, which have proven themselves well on the battlefield, and these are the systems you expect from France. But they are vitally necessary for us right now, precisely in Ukraine. We need your decision on CAESAR.

And I am asking you to continue our cooperation next year, which has already been achieved in the field of defense, in particular in anti-ship defense.

Dear Mr. President of Finland! Mr. Niinistö!

I thank you for the armored vehicles provided to us - the APCs that you provided help us a lot.

You have 122-mm and 152-mm caliber - they are vitally necessary. Means of radio-electronic warfare, countering drones. MLRS complexes.

Please maintain the level of interaction that has already been achieved between us.

The sooner we restore our border, the stronger your security will be. I am sure of it.

Dear Mrs. Prime Minister! Mrs. Jakobsdóttir!

I thank you for your demining initiatives and humanitarian leadership.

I am asking you to expand our cooperation next year, to create even more opportunities to protect our people from Russian mine terror.

Dear friends!

Today - on St. Nicholas Day according to the Eastern Rite - Russian terrorists "gifted" new strikes to Ukrainian children.

I am asking you to support our country right now with a clear decision - to provide everything that can not only preserve the existing dynamics on the battlefield in Ukraine, but also accelerate the movement of our Defense Forces to victory. Because our victory will be the victory of each of you, it is the victory of Europe, your nations, the victory, which the whole world expects, I am sure of that.

That’s that - Ukrainian children in their letters to St. Nicholas ask for air defense, weapons and victory - victory for themselves, victory for all Ukrainians. Our children understand everything.

Let's act!

I thank you for your attention!

I thank you all for your support!

Glory to Ukraine!

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The Odessa Journal

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