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Wineries of Ukraine: Center of Ukraine

16 Dec, 2021
Wineries of Ukraine: Center of Ukraine

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The modern period is marked by global warming and climate change. The average annual temperature has risen significantly, the climate has become more favorable for growing grapes. The facts show that this is not the first year in the Kyiv region that farms have successfully grown not only table grapes, but also technical grape varieties. From the latter began to produce wines that deserve the attention of experts and fans of Ukrainian wines.

In the central part of Ukraine, the facts of wine consumption are known since the times of Kievan Rus, the period of the X-XI centuries. The wine was imported from Byzantium and with the spread of Christianity, vineyards were planted near monasteries. The first mention (from the Chronicle of Nikon - 1151) of growing grapes belongs to the period of Kievan Rus. In particular, the literature of the 14th century mentions the successful culture of grapes at the monasteries of Kyiv, and from the XVI-XVIII centuries, the culture of grapes was at a high level, began to use supports, fertilizers and shelter for the winter.

During this period, there were vineyards near Kyiv - in Mezhyhirya, Holosiyevo, Kitaevo. Viticulture was a risky business. During severe winters, the vineyards often froze. In 1842, one of the first attempts to select grape varieties for northern Ukraine was made in the Botanical Garden at the University of Kyiv.

Hryhoriy Kulinichenko Winery

Kagarlyk, Kyiv region

The first vineyards were planted based on the farm in 2011. The first vines were from the category of technical Ukrainian varieties and are mainly aimed at the growth of grapes in the continental climate. Over time, the climate has changed greatly, and the owner decided to take a risk and plant European grapes. Not far from the vineyards located in the village of Gorokhove, wineries are being re-equipped and repaired using the latest winemaking technologies. After visiting the vineyards, which are located in the middle of huge farmland, you realize that the case is run by a meticulous person.

The planting area of ​​the vineyard is 3 hectares. The density of planting of a vine: from 3300 bushes to 8000 bushes on 1 hectare. Loamy soils. Production capacity is calculated at 5 thousand liters per year.

Wine Idea Winery

Yasnogorodka, Makariv district, Kyiv region

The winery was founded in 2012. The winery has modern equipment for wine production and barrels for aging red wines. Equipped with its own wine cellar with an optimal microclimate for aging wine, and a wine storage service is provided.

The vineyard grows mainly white varieties of grapes, in particular indigenous. Reds are bought in the Odessa region.

The area of ​​vineyards is 1.3 hectares: of them: 0.2 hectares - Riesling, 0.7 hectares - Lemon Magarach, 0.2 hectares - Odessa Black, 0.2 hectares - canteens.

The density of planting of a vine: 3000 on 1 hectare. Sandy soils with clay and pebbles at a depth of 1-1.5 meters. The harvesting process is done manually. Production volume: 17,000 liters per year. Age of the vine - 8 years. The wines are aged in barrels.

The infrastructure of the winery is developed: it has a restaurant, a zoo and a recreation area. Every autumn there is a festival "Family Winemaker", where everyone can make their own wine.

Korus wine winery

Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovohrad region

Ruslan Kovalevsky, the owner of the winery, started winemaking in 2014. The production is located in the yard, on an area of ​​12 square meters. m.

Production volume is only 2000 liters. Grapes are bought on the Black Sea coast (Nikolaev, Kherson area). We planted our own vineyard on 0.2 hectares of land in the Kropyvnytskyi district, but it was created largely for the study of varietal characteristics and cultivation of European varieties in the central part of Ukraine. The soil is sandy.

Such varieties are planted as: Johanniter, Trebiano, Sira, Montepulciano, Riesling, Albarinho, Pinotage, Pinot Blanc, Gruner Wertliner, Solaris, as well as Sukholimansky white. But the vineyard planted in 2016-2017 is still very young, so it is not yet fully fruiting. Experimental grape varieties are planted in the number of 600 vines of their vineyard: Solaris, Pinotage, Tribiano, Phalangino, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Viognier.

Wine style: fragrant light white and pink, and not aged in barrels, red with aging in the bottle from 6 to 12 months. In 2019, the wineries began to produce sparkling wines by the classic method of champagne from Muscast and Solaris.

Igor Maksymenko Winery

Uman, Cherkasy region

Winemaker and sommelier Igor Maksymenko founded his own winery in 2013. Small production, neutral stainless steel tanks are used. Wines have repeatedly received prestigious awards at wine competitions. The plans are to open a tasting room.

He buys grapes for making wine in Odessa region. The annual production reaches from 1.5 to 3 thousand liters.

"Vinoman" Winery

Zhavynka, Chernihiv district, Chernihiv region

Vinoman winery was founded in 2014 by winemaker Borys Slaboshevsky. It all started with four bushes of table grapes and grew into a favorite pastime.

On the southern side of the experimental plot, with an area of ​​67 acres, grapes of technical varieties were planted near the reservoir. In addition, from the district of Reni, the Odessa region from a plot of 4 hectares is the supply of grapes to the winery. Planting density of about 5 thousand bushes per 1 ha. Age from 6 years. Soils - sandy.

Stainless steel tanks of various volumes are used in the production. 21 barrels of Ukrainian production are used for aging wine. Only cultured yeast is used for fermentation. Apple milk fermentation is carried out. To cool the wort, an experimental technology is used, in which a reservoir with ice water is immersed in a stainless steel tank, where wine is poured and waited for cooling. After cooling, the wort is poured to settle. The production volume is 7,000 liters per year. In the near future winery plans to obtain a license.

White grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer. Red grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Biologist Craft Winery

Lisnyky village, Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv region

Biologist Craft Winery was founded in 2019 by Igor Petrenko, a well-known expert in the field of wine imports and an ardent wine connoisseur. The vineyards are located in Kyiv and Odessa regions. Vineyards have been planted next to the winery on the southern slopes of the hill. In total, grapes are harvested from 15 hectares of vineyards. The pH level is carefully selected and the yield from each bush is strictly controlled. The winemaker has introduced biodynamic principles of work and aims to become the best biodynamic winemaker in the country in the future, at this stage they receive an organic certificate. Wine tastings are also held at the winery.

Stainless steel tanks are used in the production: 4 units of 1 thousand liters. They also bought 21 new French oak barrels for aging the wine. For most wines, long-term maceration (6-10 days) with the addition of dried crests. Spontaneous fermentation occurs in wines such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, Odessa Black, Rkatsiteli, Chardonnay, Aligote. The volume of production is 20 thousand liters per year.

White grape varieties: Aligote, Rkatsiteli.

Red grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Odessa black.

Family winery "Kassia"

Myla village, Bucha district, Kyiv region

The owners of the winery Kasyanenko Mykola Olehovych and his son Volodymyr Mykolayovych founded the winery in 2015 in their own estate. Style of wines like Kakhetian.

Locally, the vineyards are located in the Odessa region. The age of the vine is 17-19 years. Limestone soils. The production uses stainless steel tanks in the amount of 6 units of 400 liters. There are also oak barrels of Ukrainian production in the Zhytomyr region in the winery.

The annual production is about 2 thousand liters. The process of obtaining a license for the production of alcoholic beverages has begun. Interesting wine style, great location makes the winery attractive for wine tourism.

White grape varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay.

Red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Odessa Black, Pinot Noir.

Sergius Vinum Winery

"Dawn", Chornobayev district, Cherkasy region

Serhiy Sipachov Winery, founded in 2016. The area of ​​the experimental plot of vineyards is 30 ares - 500 bushes, the prospect of planting grapes on an area of ​​1 hectare. Subsoil soil. In addition, grapes are purchased in the South of Ukraine.

Production today reaches 2,000 liters.

Stainless steel tanks are used in the production. For aging wine, oak barrels in the amount of three pieces. Sulfur dioxide is used at all stages of production, according to the norm.

White grapes: Chardonnay, Lemon Magaracha, Muscat Ottonel, Gift Magaracha, Johaniter, Solaris.

Red grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Odessa Black, Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Slovignon, Saperavi, Shiraz, Zweigelt.

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