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Wineries of Ukraine: West

17 Nov, 2021
Wineries of Ukraine: West

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Prykarpattia has always been considered a risky area for growing grapes. The region is characterized by difficult and unstable climatic conditions. There are severe winters and rainy springs and autumns, and in May there are severe frosts. The vine responds to weather changes, it is difficult to accurately predict the plant's response to weather conditions. Therefore, local winemakers work with small volumes, thereby reducing the likelihood of large losses or losses.

Ukrainian winemaking is widespread not only in officially recognized wine regions. There are a large number of small craft wineries that promote the culture of viticulture and winemaking in their regions. Thus, in the West of Ukraine, in Lviv, Volyn, Rivne and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, small wineries are represented, which unite in small unions and public organizations.

Château Edem Winery

Strilky, Peremyshlyany district, Lviv region

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In the spring of 2016, the owners planted a 1.5-hectare vineyard on the territory of the Edem Resort Medical & SPA Hotel and Palace Complex, located near Lviv. The grape zone is located on the shores of a spring lake surrounded by forest. The creation of its own winery was preceded by extensive research and analytical work, the features of the local microclimate, soils, etc. were carefully studied.

Now a large wine cellar with a tasting room is being built and the production base is being improved.

The planting area of ​​the vineyard reaches 1.5 hectares, 5,100 seedlings of frost-resistant grape varieties brought from Germany have been planted. Loamy soils with limestone deposits. The number of vines per hectare is 4444 bushes. Production today is 1,500 liters, with plans to reach 8,000 liters. The red wine is aged in French oak barrels.

Vitaliy Malanchuk's winery

Giiche village, Zhovkva district, Lviv region

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In 2014, winemaker Vitaliy Malanchuk laid the first vineyards purely for his own needs, but over time the owner realized that the hobby has become a favorite pastime. Then additional grapes were planted.

In 2019, four wines won two silver and two bronze awards at the prestigious Uwines Awards competition in Kyiv. The winemaker regularly participates in regional competitions, where wines constantly receive prizes.

Today the area of ​​vineyards is 0.2 hectares. Production reaches 800 liters per year. Grapes are partially purchased in the South of Ukraine. French oak barriques are used to age the wine.

Yanchyn Hills Family Winery

Ivanivka (formerly Yanchyn), Peremyshlyany district, Lviv region

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The family winery "Yanchyn hills family winery" is headed by winegrower and winemaker Maxim Kichma. For several years, wine was produced in Lviv under the trademark "Private Winery" WineMax ". The winemaker studied, improved, experimented and in 2019 the hobby finally grew into a business, which the whole family joined.

In Ivanivka, on the hills of the Peremyshl lowlands, a vineyard has been planted and a winery is being built. This led to a change of name to "Yanchyn hills family winery". The motto of winemakers: "Quality Ukrainian wine from grapes of Ukrainian selection grown on Ukrainian soil." That is why among the wines produced by the winery, the names are often unfamiliar to most connoisseurs of this drink.

Grapes grown in the Kherson region were used for production. Today in the village Ivanivka planted 156 bushes of their own grapes. The firstborn of Magarach, Rysus, Bukovynka, Livadia black, Gurzuf pink, Odessa black, Oleg, Rubin Golodriga - all these are varieties bred by Ukrainian breeders. Some of them have already received prestigious awards. The highest of them to date - the gold medal of the All-Ukrainian competition "Odessa Bay 2019" - won the wine Saperavi Black 2018. Of particular note is the original label design created by the famous Ukrainian writer and artist Khrystyna Lukaschuk.

Private winery of Vasyl Bagrovetsky

Rakovets, Bohorodchany district, Ivano-Frankivsk region

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Winegrower and winemaker Vasyl Bagrovetsky has been engaged in winemaking since 2000. The area of ​​vineyards is almost 0.2 hectares. Production volume: 2,000 liters per year.

Oak barrels of various sizes are used to age the wine. In total, about 600 liters are produced, and about 50 varieties of grapes are cultivated.

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