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Yalpug the second largest lake in Europe

24 Mar, 2021
Yalpug the second largest lake in Europe

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If Odessa is usually called "the pearl of the Black Sea", then the huge freshwater lake Yalpug can be considered a full-fledged pearl of the Odessa region. It is the largest natural lake in Ukraine and the second largest in Europe.

There are a lot of picturesque and unique places in Ukraine, where every citizen of our country must visit at least once. One of these locations is a fairly large lake located in the Budzhak steppes. It is the second largest lake in Europe and belongs to the Danube River basin. The reservoir is classified as a floodplain type, since it is formed as a result of meandering and a change in the river bed. Yalpug is popular from early spring to late autumn.

There are different opinions regarding the origin of the name of the lake. Some argue that it got its name from the ancient coastal ancient city of Epolium, others - from the river of the same name. Yalpug will be able to conquer everyone with its landscape, silence and unique beauty. The largest lake in our country is located in the Odessa region, not far from the village of Bolgrad and has an elongated shape. It belongs to freshwater bodies. It should be noted that the length of Yalpug is 39 kilometers, the width is 15 kilometers, the maximum depth is 5.5 meters, the total area is 149 km2. In fact, the lake is located on the territory of 3 districts, including Reni, Bolgrad and Izmail.

In the South of the reservoir there is a strait leading to another equally interesting lake - Kugurlay. Yalpuga is replenished from a variety of underground sources, with the main one located on the territory of Moldova. The lake is located at an altitude of about 240 centimeters above sea level and is the main source of water for Bolgrad. The entire coastal line of the property is represented by ravines, reed and cattail thickets. In summer, the maximum water temperature reaches +25 degrees, in winter it freezes, but without the formation of a stable ice cover.

People have long lived on its shores, fishing and farming on fertile soil. It is still a place of attraction for the inhabitants of Ukraine. The magnificent landscapes attract tourists to the lake.

The variety of flora and fauna of this place is pleasantly impressive. The lake is inhabited by at least 41 species of fish in particular: elm, red perch, podust, European flatfish, bream, klepets, linen, bitter gourd, pichkur, carp (carp), catfish, pike, pike perch, perch, ruff, 9 species of bulls, fir, Black Sea-Azov herring, and also Red Book sterlet and madder. There are also well-known Far Eastern universes: white cupid and variegated silver carp.

The swampy northern part of the lake serves as an excellent habitat for crayfish and a variety of mollusks. The shore here is overgrown with reeds, inhabited by seagulls, ducks and swans, and the bottom is covered with black hydrogen sulfide mud. There are thickets of reeds, water lilies and even wild irises.

The lake will conquer you with its beauty and amazing landscapes that open right from the shore. You can really get great pleasure from observing wildlife, including nesting of ducks, swans, gulls, arranging your territory with snakes, frogs, lizards and muskrats. The lake is a also a great fishing spot.

Yalpug is also valued for the abundance of narrow-clawed crayfish, which usually begins to be caught in the spring, when it goes into shallow water. A huge number of tourists, fishermen come here with tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and fishing rods in order to get an unforgettable experience and vivid emotions. It is not necessary to take all of the above mentiones uniforms with you, since there are several specialized rental points near the lake.

After the hike to the lake, it makes sense to go to Bolgrad, where there are many memorable and iconic places.

The lake is located 250 kilometers from Odessa, 40 kilometers from Izmail. When planning a trip to it, it is necessary to note the poor quality of the roads, which is why it is not very popular today. Having decided to go on your own car, you should first take care of its appropriate preparation, since there are few service stations along the way.

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