Takflix has released an application for watching movies

Online cinema provides opportunities to watch movies in Ukraine and, in part, abroad. Now you can choose: a plasma screen in the living room or a mobile phone in the bomb shelter.

Takflix Online Cinema has offered a wider range of movie options. In addition to a computer, it can be a plasma TV, smartphone or another mobile device.

Now Takflix is ​​wherever its viewers are

Takflix Online Cinema

Takflix can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Market. An iOS version is coming soon.

The largest legal collection of Ukrainian films is available in the application: modern hits, independent, and classics. Takflix donates 50% of ticket sales to filmmakers

Takflix Online Cinema

Hundreds of Ukrainian films are in the online collection. Among them are “My Thoughts Are Silent” by Antonio Lukich and “Stop-Zemlia” by Kateryna Gornostay. Also on Takflix exclusive rights to show the action thriller “Baikonur. Invasion” about Ukrainians who illegally made their way to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. You can also watch the documentary “War Notebook” by film director Roman Lyuby, based on personal videos of Ukrainian fighters in the ATO.

Takflix transfers the share of ticket sales to the Come Back Alive Foundation, as well as to organizations involved in the evacuation and support of Mariupol residents.

The application was created with the financial support of the International Relief Fund 2021 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Goethe-Institut Ukraine.

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