The security service detained a corrections officer who was pointing Russian missiles at the SSU building in Mykolaiv

The security service exposed another accomplice of the enemy during countersubversive measures in the southern direction. He covertly collected information about the deployment locations of Ukrainian military units and law enforcement agencies involved in defense of Mykolaiv.

He tried to transfer the collected information to the aggressor through an anonymous Telegram channel created by the Russian special services to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the region.

First of all, the occupiers “hunted” for the exact coordinates of SBU facilities on which they planned to carry out a targeted missile attack.

However, the employees of the Security Service worked ahead of time and detained the Russian adjuster while trying to transmit information.

According to the investigation, the attacker turned out to be a local resident who, after the start of the full-scale invasion, tried to join the aggressor to cooperate with him in the war against Ukraine.

To do this, he actively spread his pro-Kremlin views through social networks, including calls to support the invaders. He also justified their war crimes aimed at destroying Ukrainian cities’ civilian population and critical infrastructure.

In this way, he came to the attention of the occupiers, who involved him in gathering intelligence for the benefit of the Russian group located in the captured areas of the south of our country.

During searches of the person’s residence, law enforcement officers found a mobile phone and computer equipment with evidence of his subversive activities.

The court chose him as a preventive measure in the form of detention.

An investigation is ongoing to establish all the circumstances of the offenses.

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