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Where to: find sea view restaurants in Odessa

22 Nov, 2020
Where to: find sea view restaurants in Odessa

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Odessa is a city known for its Instagram-worthy Black Sea views and a rich culinary offering. In fact, the better way to enjoy both of these things at once is dining at a restaurant with a view overlooking the glistening sea.

From quaint cafes to fine dining restarants, Black Sea view or family-friendly spots, Odessa has an array of options. Start exploring Odessa culinary scene with the our guide.

Here is our first selection of Black Sea view restaurants with the terrace to enjoy the sea breeze and nice cuisine. It's a top spots that should be on your radar here in Odessa.

Prichal #1

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Prichal #1 - restaurant for family and friends opened on May 19, 2013.

It is a two-floor family restaurant, summer terrace an beach complex located at the Lanzheron. The second floor terrace offers a panoramic Black Sea view. The menu includes popular Greek, Italian, Mediterranean dishes. The emphasis is on dishes of Odessa cuisine with fresh seafood, where the signature dishes are Black Sea Mussels in a Creamy sauce, various types of Barbecue, Red Mullet and Grilled Gobies.

When dining, you are meant to feel like a guest in Prichal #1. Through the staff's genuine passion and belief in the restaurant, they remarkably succeed in providing you with that level of comfort. This is a place where family traditions are revived to spend time together.

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A Butterlady Holiday fair at Prichal beach terrace

Terrace Sea View

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In mid-2016, the third project of the Synergy Group restaurant company opened on the new embankment of Lanzheron beach. A restaurant, in every detail of which the history of Odessa and its modernity are elegantly intertwined.

The history of each dish begins with the products which are typical for this area, and its continuation is an unusual fusion style serving. The use of modern cooking methods including Sous Vide, Josper and WOK technology, will make you look at familiar dishes in a new way.

An integral part of the Terrace Sea View concept is wine. A Wine list is consist of variety of wines that pair with the dishes.

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Maman by the Sea

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Maman by the Sea - located on the very seaside at the Lanzheron Beach.

Here is an open kitchen where the guests could see the preparation of the famous Odessa cuisine dishes, 'fireside cooking' - Japanese Robata Grilling and variaty of seafood. Usually the guests spend evenings in a cozy lounge area and enjoy famous cocktails from the bar. Meat lovers are pampered with juicy steaks and kebabs.

A finalist of the SALT Award (2017) in the category "BEST FISH RESTAURANT".

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odessajournal 6

YUG has absorbed the special character of the Odessa region, which is like the entire Southern coast of Europe is woven from the sun, different gastronomic cultures and the spirit of hospitality.

They have collected the treasures of the Black and Mediterranean Seas, juicy Georgian meat and the Balkan traditions, the bright tastes of Greece, as well as the best flavours of Italy and the South of France.

A collection of wines from Yug cellars will delight an inveterate gourmet.

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Di Mare

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Di Mare is a magical dimension. Only a transparent border of stained-glass windows separates you from the water area. Di Mare is located at the Odessa Marine Station where the city noises dissolves into the sea harbour.

The menu features traditional Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on seafood and meat dishes. There is a separate Japanese menu for sushi lovers. The chef's signature dishes are rapana, flounder, red mullet, Black Sea gobies. The bar serves Italian, Chilean, Spanish wines.

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