Birds from the tundra were observed in the Odessa region

In the national natural park “Tuzlovskiye estuaries” (Odessa region), were spotted Arctic skuas, birds from the tundra, as reported by the ecologist Ivan Rusev.

Skua does not live in Ukraine, but always flies by the sea or over the Black Sea. They flew alone over the Tuzlov estates.

Skuas are rather graceful birds of medium size. The powerful beak ends with a hook. A migratory bird, common in the Arctic belt of Eurasia and North America. Winters in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Black Seas. It inhabits the swampy areas of the tundra, moorlands and coastal marshlands. During migration and wintering, it occurs on the Tuzlov estates.

Possesses agile and fast flight. Skua is a kleptoparasite: it takes food from other birds, attacking gulls and terns, chasing them in the air and forcing them to miss their prey. In addition, it attacks the eggs and chicks of other birds, parasitizes. Its name in Latin is called “Stercorarius parasiticus”.