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Main Business — Lukashenko met with one of the main ideologists of the "Russian peace," Dugin


Lukashenko met with one of the main ideologists of the "Russian peace," Dugin

18 Oct, 2022
Lukashenko met with one of the main ideologists of the "Russian peace," Dugin

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On October 18 Alexander Lukashenko met with the ideologist of the "Russian peace" philosopher Alexander Dugin. The details of their conversation were published on October 18 by the telegram channel Pool of the First, close to Lukashenko's press service.

The parties talked for more than two hours. According to Lukashenko, he invited Dugin to Belarus to see firsthand how Belarus lives.

"You are an experienced person, and you can determine from Minsk what our Belarus breathes, - Lukashenko said and immediately corrected himself. - Your Belarus, I hope you do not tear it off in your mind and do not consider it a stranger. Although today it is an independent sovereign state. (…) What they say about Belarus in Russia and what they don’t say, hushing up, is probably a little secret for you, because you can see the real picture behind the numbers, lines, and commas. But people did not really (especially before) understand what was happening in Belarus. Sometimes we were criticized for nothing. I had some jealousy, something else. There were different reasons. A person of such a level as you, a public person, sees the realities. I hope that every Russian will know about it. (…) We live together. In no case should we run away from each other?"

Lukashenko also reminded Dugin how the Russian “liberals” giggled several years ago when he stated that the time would come when Lukashenko, along with Putin, would “stand his back to his back and shoot back”.

"What do we see today?! We see this today. We need to stay close to each other. There is no need to try to somehow get around one another, there is no need to share something here, such as our joint victory in the Great Patriotic War. History distributed all the roles a long time ago,” Lukashenko told Dugin (quote from the Pool of the First telegram channel).

Lukashenka also talked about philosophy. He believes nothing better than "Marxism-Leninism" has yet been invented.

"You're right, somewhere there you spoke about the state ideology, ideology in general, and that we don't have it, and even more so in Russia. This is also true. I was offered a sea of ​​ideas (according to the state ideology - Approx). I rejected them all because they do not lie on the soul, on the heart of a person. What kind of idea is this, which cannot capture the masses, as the classic said, and does not fall on the heart? This is not an idea and it cannot be a state idea. So far, nothing has happened, unfortunately. I try to formulate something, but I conclude that it is impossible to formulate it until you are backed up by time. Until time forces you to formulate it. Maybe we're stressing too much for nothing? You can't invent it. It must mature,” Lukashenko said.

In turn, Dugin said that the Belarusian idea is a very serious part of the common heritage.

"Some elements of the Belarusian idea were formed in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And then the Belarusian identity began to take certain forms. And those who want to use it against Belarus make a substitution. Because the Belarusian idea is a very serious part of our common heritage. We must also pay close attention to this. It's ours, not theirs. We must not give our enemies what is ours. (…) They are also trying to oppose Russian nationalism to our multinational state artificially. That is, the national idea is not always in the right hands. It should be in our hands," - the philosopher stressed.

Recall that Alexander Dugin is one of the main ideologists of the new Russian imperialism - the "Russian world" and neo-Eurasianism. His daughter Daria died on August 20 near Moscow in the explosion of a Land Cruiser. According to one version, it was Alexander Dugin who was the target of the assassination, according to another, Daria herself. The daughter, like her father, supported the war in Ukraine. As a participant in Russian propaganda, Dugina was included in the UK sanctions list in July 2022.

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