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Main Culture — Ukraine will participate in "Eurovision 2024"


Ukraine will participate in "Eurovision 2024"

28 Aug, 2023
Ukraine will participate in "Eurovision 2024"

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Public Broadcasting has confirmed Ukraine's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The contest will be held in Sweden following Loreen's victory with the song "Tattoo" at Eurovision 2023, which was hosted by Liverpool, United Kingdom on behalf of Ukraine. The representative from Ukraine will be selected once again through an open National Selection, and the submission of entries will begin shortly.

Music producer Dmytro Shurov (Pianoboy), who is also the musical producer of the National Selection for Eurovision 2023, will continue in his role as the musical producer for the National Selection for Eurovision 2024.

"The submission of entries for the National Selection and the new season of Eurovision in Ukraine will begin in the coming days. I encourage everyone to get involved. We need to create and choose the next song that the country will be proud of, a song that will capture the hearts of all of Europe and launch a new star from Ukraine. This year, a surprise awaits you—you will be able to choose one of the finalists yourselves. There's a lot of exciting things ahead," said Dmytro Shurov.


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Piaanoboy / photo: instagram.com/dmitry_shurov


Oksana Skybinska, the Head of the Ukrainian Delegation to Eurovision, believes that Eurovision is a significant cultural platform that captures the world's attention.

"Sweden has repeatedly demonstrated exceptional expertise in hosting this international event. Eurovision in Sweden in 2016 was watched by a record-breaking 204 million viewers. Ukraine's presence at this international event is crucial, especially in such challenging times of war. This will allow us to convey Ukraine's voice and message to the entire world."

In addition, the National Selection, which will determine Ukraine's representative at Eurovision, will allow (at least online) Eurovision fans from around the world to be invited to Ukraine, showcasing how, despite the difficulties of war, Ukraine nurtures its musical culture. This year's National Selection will introduce innovations that will enable Ukrainians to have even greater involvement in making key selection decisions. Dmytro Shurov, who continues to serve as the musical producer, exemplifies the power of creating and inspiring music during times of war. His music was featured in the presentations of Eurovision participants in Liverpool. Thanks to the successful experience of last year's National Selection, he will work with artists and select iconic songs. More information about the conditions and novelties of the National Selection will be announced this week.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest in May 2024 will take place in the Swedish city of Malmö. The grand final of Eurovision 2024 will be held at Malmö Arena on Saturday, May 11, and the semifinals, including the one in which Ukraine's representative will participate, will take place on May 7 and May 9.

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