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Main Business — Wineries of Ukraine: Podillya


Wineries of Ukraine: Podillya

29 Sep, 2021
Wineries of Ukraine: Podillya

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Today, Podillya has every chance to become one of the wine regions of the country. In 2018, the Public Organisation "Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Vinnytsia Region" was registered.

In April 2019, the NGO "Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers Podilsky Tovtry" was registered. Under the auspices of the union, introductory tastings of Podolsk wines are held, which contributes to the development of wine tourism in the region.

The winegrowers of this region specialize in the production of table wines, champagne and cognac wine materials and table grapes. The main zoned varieties: technical - Aligote, Fetyaska, Riesling; dining rooms - Pearls Saba, Chasselas.

Gigineishvili Wine House

Kordelivka village, Kalinov district, Vinnytsia region

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In 2010, Vladimir Gigineishvili, the owner of the winery, took the first steps towards winemaking. The owner followed the call of the heart, given the origin, he continued the glorious Georgian traditions of winemakers in Ukraine, in particular in Podillya.

In 2013, the winery "Gigineishvili Wine House" started operating. Today, the production represents high-tech equipment, innovative technologies, in addition, there is a purchase of raw materials of only the highest quality. Winemaker technologist Zaza Iordanishvili personally accepts grapes and selects the best bunches. Not the last parameter is the amount of sugar in the grapes, acidity and the time of harvesting grapes. Moreover, it is delivered to the winery in the shortest possible time by special transport while maintaining a low temperature. Grapes are delivered from the vineyards of the Odessa region.

In 2017, the winery received a license for the production and sale of wine products.

Mohyliv-Podilskyi district on the South-Eastern slope with an area of ​​16 hectares was chosen for its own vineyards. To date, 2 hectares have been planted. Soils: sandstone, limestone.

The volume of production per year reaches 30 thousand liters, plans to increase the volume to 50 thousand liters per year. A barrel of French oak is used to age the wine. In 2020, a new powerful press made in Italy was purchased, and a wine cellar for storing and aging wine was expanded. Also in 2020, wines aged in oak barrels were bottled.

Family winery Father`s wine

village Husiatyn, Ternopil region

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The history of the winery "Father's Wine" began with the planting of grapes in the production of furniture for landscaping, and continues with rapid development. The owners of the Buyachok wine family founded a joint winery in 2006. At the moment, the main winemaker is Victor Kondrat. There is a license for the production of alcoholic beverages. In 2020, new powerful equipment made in Italy was purchased, and it is planned to expand production areas and build a tasting room.

Planting area of ​​vineyards 5 hectares. Soils: chernozem, loam. Production - 12 thousand bottles per year. Stainless steel tanks are used for production. The wine is aged in oak barrels made in Ukraine by OLPOL and French oak.

White grape varieties: Johanniter, Solaris, Muscaris, Helios, Dublyansky.

Red grape varieties: Cabernet Cortis, Regent, Pinot Tin, Leon Millau, Black Pearl, PG-116 (indigenous variety), Handsome.

For the production of red wine at high rates, winemakers buy part of the red grapes in the Odessa region. In particular, Merlot, Cabernet, Odessa Black. A special pride of winemakers is the Johaniter grape variety. Wine of this variety has repeatedly received awards at regional and Ukrainian tastings. And at wine festivals in 2020, wine connoisseurs were a favorite.

Bohdan`s winery

Goraivka, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnytsky region

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The most famous winegrower and winemaker of Western Ukraine is Bohdan Pavliy. The man who inspired many wine connoisseurs to engage in viticulture in the western part of Ukraine, in particular in the area of ​​ Podilski Tovtry.

Bohdan`s winery was founded in 2012. Already in 2014, the Johaniniter varietal white wine won first place among white wines at a tasting held by the Association of Sommeliers of Ukraine. In 2019, at the Odessa Bay competition, Barbaryska and Bakota wines received silver awards from an authoritative jury. A special pride of the winemaker is the Rkatsiteli grape variety. The winery is in the process of obtaining a license to produce alcoholic beverages.

Vineyards and production are located in the most picturesque place of Podillya, on the slopes of the legendary Bakota. The southern slope, loamy soils with a high content of limestone, the sun is reflected from the surface of the Dniester, differences in night temperatures - all these factors contribute to the work of the winemaker with white grapes.

Today the area of ​​planting grapes reaches 1 hectare. The density of planting vines: 5600 vines per 1 hectare. 70% of planting is white grapes. The aging of red wine takes place on oak chips. It is also planned to plant 1.3 hectares of grapes.

White grape varieties: Johanicher, Traminer, Aligote, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Solaris, Muscaris, Riesling, Dublin

Red grape varieties: Danube, Zweigelt, Merlot, Nebiolo, Sengiovese, Eumolpia, Syrah, Cabernet Franc.

The winery has a tasting room for 12-14 people with a panoramic view of Bakota and vineyards, where you can taste the unique wines of the Podilski Tovtry

Family winery Zelenytsa

Goraivka, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnytsky region

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In 2012, Zelenytsa Volodymyr and his son Anatoliy founded a winery on the basis of an agricultural firm. And in 2014 they started producing their own wine. The winery is located in the heart of Podilski Tovtry.

The production volume is 3.5 thousand liters per year. Stainless steel tanks are used for wine production, and French oak oak barrels are used for wine aging. The wine is aged in barrels for three months.

The production volume is about 5 thousand liters per year. For the production of wine they use stainless steel tanks of their own production, for aging wine - oak barrels of French and Ukrainian oak. The wine is aged in barrels for 6 months. Over the past year, the volume of production capacity has increased significantly. The process of obtaining a license at the final stage. The production has its own laboratory. Production processes have been significantly improved, which has affected the quality of wine and range.

The vineyards are located on the hills. Soils: loam, limestone. Planting area of ​​vineyards: 1.5 hectares, about 3 thousand bushes. In addition to the use of their own grapes in the production, the family buys and delivers them from the Odessa region.

In 2020, a mini-hotel was built to receive guests and developed its own wine tourism product with its own gastronomic snacks.

Old Town Family Winery

Dovzhok, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnytsky region

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In 2016, the winery owners started their own wine business. In 2012, the first grapes were planted. The winery has technical equipment. It has everything you need to produce good quality wine. Purchased the first oak barrels for aging. The wine is aged in barrels for three months.

Grapes grown not only by hand but also purchased in the Odessa region, in sunny Bessarabia, are used for wine production. Each bunch is inspected by winemakers and then transported as soon as possible by a special vehicle to the winery. The production volume reaches 2.5-3 thousand liters per year.

Grape planting area - 0.8 hectares. Limestone soils with high mineral content.

Alexander Onyshchuk Winery

Kulchyivtsi village, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnytsky region

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Kraft craft winery Aleksandr Onyschuk was founded in 2016. Winemaker - a beginner who puts his soul into his wines. Winery at the stage of completion of technological equipment. The first seedlings were planted and work with grapes began.

Stainless steel tanks are used for wine production and aging. The area planted with grapes reaches 0.4 hectares. Loamy soils. Production volume is 800 liters per year.

Kalyus Winery Winery

Kalyus village, Novoushchytsya district, Khmelnytsky region

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The Kalyus Winery author's wine production project started in the summer of 2019, thanks to winemaker Yuriy Danyliuk. The idea of ​​winemaking arose 10 years ago, at the same time the first grape seedlings were planted on their own land in the village of Kalyus, at the confluence of the Dniester and Kalyus rivers. Historical documents prove that winemaking has existed in this region since ancient times. In pre-revolutionary times, this region was famous for winemaking: it was proved that 20,000 grape bushes grew in Kalyus and a winery functioned.

In 2015, the first wine was made from our own grapes. Every year the volume of winemaking increased, production capacity expanded. Today it is 10 thousand liters. Fermentation and storage of wine in stainless steel tanks. The wine is aged in barrels.

The vineyards are located in a unique natural place, each bunch is grown with care and attention. The planting area of ​​the experimental plot is 20 ares. Also in the Kherson region 2 hectares of vineyards for 49 years are leased.

The winemaker conducts tastings on the territory of the winery, in a picturesque place on the high bank where the open terrace offers a fabulous view of the river Kalyus.

White grape varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay, Muscat, Sukholimansky.

Red grape varieties: Cabernet, Cabernet Cortis, Merlot, Saperavi.

Georgy Samsonyuk's Winery

Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia district, Vinnytsia region

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Georgy Samsonyuk's winery was founded in 2013. The first wine was produced in 2015. The first vineyards with an area of ​​30 ares were planted on the territory of Vinnytsia region near the parents' house. At present, this is an experimental site for the study of grapes on this terroir. The rest of the grapes are bought in Bessarabia.

The production volume today is more than 2 thousand liters. As of 2020, the reconstruction of the winery is completed with a full production cycle. Also in the nearest future, the winemaker plans to obtain a license and the development of wine tourism for tastings at wineries, with treats to guests with local cheeses.

Grape varieties are white: Rkatsiteli, Riesling, Chardonnay, Aligote, Pinot Gris.

Red grape varieties: Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir.

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