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Yerevan (Armenia) sister city of Odessa

19 May, 2020
Yerevan (Armenia) sister city of Odessa

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Yerevan, vibrant capital of Armenia is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The history of Yerevan dates back to the 8th century B.C., with the founding of the fortress of Erebuni in 782 B.C. by king Argishti the First. This year the city marks the 2802th anniversary of its foundation.

Yerevan is a city of rich historical and cultural heritage, a city which is the capital of all Armenians in the world, a city which was proclaimed Book Capital by UNESCO, a city where jazz is a lifestyle, a city where people are very emotional, artistic, proud and hospitable with unique feelings. Yerevan is a safe, cozy and friendly city both for the locals and tourists. Your stay becomes more fascinating and impressive during cultural events and festivals, especially when apricot and cherry trees blossom. A well-designed, circular city center is easy to navigate on foot. Virtually everything is within twenty minutes’ walk.


Walking through the streets of Armenia’s enchanting capital, the first thing that strikes you is the city’s unique colors. The attractive architecture of the city contains a contrast of old and new constructions. Nicknamed ‘‘The Pink City’’, the buildings from left and right are made from ancient volcanic tufa stone that gives Yerevan an intriguing glow.

Opera House of Yerevan

This is a city of contradictions: traditional pandoks (taverns) serving khoravats (barbecue meats) and oghee (fruit vodka) sit next to chic European-style wine bars and street fashions range. In summer, locals take to the streets every night, claiming tables at the city's many outdoor cafes, sauntering along its tree-filled boulevards and congregating at the beloved musical fountain in Republic Square. Here you can wander into any dalan (archway) and enter a portal into a different world and find yourself in a gorgeous 19th century balcony or beautiful church beyond.

Yerevan and Odessa are sister cities since many years. On November 25, 1995 a fraternal agreement was signed between Yerevan and Odessa. The two sister cities have already built cultural exchange in their communities. A wonderful example of it is the fact that word famous Soviet-Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian’s ballets are always being staged at the Odessa Opera House.

Armenian church of St. Gregory the Illuminator in Odessa

In order to foster the relationships between the sister cities, many initiatives have been carried out such as opening a street named Odessa in Shengavit district of Yerevan and constructing a new Armenian apostolic church at Odessa’s Gagarin Plateau in 1995, which is named after St. Gregory the Illuminator.

An Armenian cultural center was founded nearby the church in 2008, which gives an opportunity to the Armenian community to have full opportunity of preservation of Armenian cultural heritage. The center is surrounded by a park with fountains, which gives a great atmosphere to everyone.

So, please, don't hesitate to visit to Yerevan, discover the city and have unforgettable moments and a pleasant time.

Source: Tourism Unit of Yerevan Municipality

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